Udayana Political Science Holds Guest Lecture

Denpasar, Regarding the increasingly massive digitization and dissemination of information, the Political Science Study Program at Udayana University held a guest lecture by inviting Agung Suprio, SIP, MIP., as chairman of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission, as speakers. (13/05/2022)

This online guest lecture was opened by the coordinator of the political science study program, Dr. Tedi Erviantono, S.IP. M.Si. This activity was attended by political science students and some political science lecturers.

On this occasion, Agung Suprio conveyed several things related to the role of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission on broadcasting, especially in television, media developments, changes in people's behaviour in responding to the media, the benefits and risks of new media, such as TikTok in politics, and policies in broadcasting in Indonesia. television.

"Although its credibility is more guaranteed, the weakness of old media, such as television and newspapers is that it takes a long time because it goes through a lot of processes. Meanwhile, new media such as online media are very fast, they don't need a long process, especially people who individually make news on social media, although its credibility is questionable," said Agung Suprio.

The activity continued with a discussion that was guided directly by a political science lecturer at Udayana University, A.A.S. Mirah Mahaswari J.M., S.IP., M.Sc. The activity ended with the handing over of certificates to the speakers and moderators, as well as a group photo.