Tumpek Uduh Celebrated at KPFP Experimental Garden, Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University

“Dadong dadong…I Kaki kije? Gelem Legs, Gelem kenken? Gelem kebus is cold, it sucks, it sucks, it sucks… it sucks. Apang nged mabuah apang ade anggon ngegalung buin jam lemeng. This is so that the plants planted will bear lots of fruit and can be used during Galungan Day which is approaching 25 days away.

Saturday, May 14, 2022, the Faculty of Agriculture held a joint prayer at the KPFP (Faculty of Agriculture Experimental Garden) which is located at Jalan Pulau Moyo, Denpasar. Attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof.Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gede Ustriyana, MM Together with his staff WD2, WD3 and the lecturers and staff of the Faculty of Agriculture. The Tumpek Uduh ceremony was carried out by Jero Mangku and continued by praying together to ask for safety and praying for the growth of plants to grow and produce a lot of fruit.

This special day is celebrated every six months on Saniscara Day (Saturday) Kliwon wuku Wariga, exactly 25 days before Galungan Day. Tumpek Wariga or Tumpek Uduh is one of the holidays for Hindus in Bali which is intended as a manifestation of God as Lord Sangkara, the ruler of plants. . Tumpek Uduh is a very good momentum for humans so the importance of plants and nature in a very broad sense so that they become harmony in this life.