Welcoming the 21st Anniversary, LPM Chlorophyll Holds Citizen Journalism Webinar

Commemorating the 21st anniversary (HUT) of the Chlorophyll Student Press Institute (LPM), which falls on May 1, 2022. This event is celebrated by holding webinars and talk shows for two consecutive days. The theme of the webinar, “Developing Citizen Journalism” was held virtually through the Zoom meeting application on Saturday, (07/05/22).

The event began with an opening, prayer, and remarks from the general leadership and lecturers of LPM Chlorophyll. The webinar was officially opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gede Ustriyana, MM.

LPM Chlorophyll, one of the Student Organizations of the Faculty of Agriculture (OKFP) has become an agricultural media and a forum for student aspirations. This webinar presents a resource person, Iin Valentine.

Iin has been directly involved in the world of citizen journalism since November 2019. IIn, who is an alumni of the communication science study program at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) at Udayana University, is currently a member of the BaleBengong alternative media, which often educates villagers in southern Bali to write news according to journalistic rules, as well as editing and confirming the accuracy of the writing.

Iin revealed, every citizen is a reporter. This is a form of media revolution towards a new media trend with press freedom. "In citizen journalism, society is the breath of news," he said.

Looking back, in journalism, in general, citizens are only consumers, but nowadays the role of the community is very much needed in news production. The public can participate in the collection, reporting, and analysis of information in the news. Currently news can come from residents and for citizens.

This understanding underlies the birth of Bale Bengong as an alternative media to obtain information in the southern area of ??Bali. BaleBengong cannot be underestimated because his presence can help the people around him. BaleBengong's major roles are as a source of mainstream media, a place for citizen discussion, alternative voices, a balancer for mainstream media and can build people's trust.

Although the LPM Chlorophyll Anniversary webinar was held online through a Zoom meeting, it did not reduce the essence and enthusiasm of various parties. The event lasted for 100 minutes smoothly accompanied by an interesting presentation of material. In addition, the existence of a discussion session between the speakers and the participants added to the excitement of the event.

Connie Virginia Yunistria Nainggolan, as chairman of the committee for the 21st LPM Khlorofil Anniversary, explained that the webinar aims to provide knowledge about journalism based on the rules and ethics in journalism. The webinar is open to the public and specifically invites Student Press Institutions (LPM) in the Bali area such as LPM PCYCO, LPM LINIMASSA, LPM SUARA SATWA, LPM KANAKA, LPM MEDIKOM, LPM MAESTRO, LPM Mandiri, LPM Garis, LPM Brahmastra, UPJ Singhadwala and PPMI (Indonesian Student Press Association). Student press institutions were specially invited with the aim of uniting and strengthening relations.

The preparation for the webinar was carried out for two weeks, Connie and the committee team were able to make the event a success. In the midst of a relatively short time and obstacles in the field, this short-haired girl initially doubted if the event could run smoothly. However, there was help, encouragement, and motivation from the alumni who attended. The collaboration between the core functionaries of LPM Chlorophyll and the committee made this event run smoothly. Connie hopes that this webinar event can provide useful knowledge to participants, invitees, and even the committee and be a good start to rebuild relations between the Student Press Institutions in Bali. (Nisart, BSD, /Chlorophyll)