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Considering the strategic plan of Udayana University which aims to create a stimulus for the entire academic community by realizing the vision on making UNUD as the leading research universities in Indonesia, even at the level of the world, that the provision of facilities for commuters and a wide range of communication to be used by lecturers, Employees and Students of unud is one a significant contributing factor in research activities, learning, teaching or administrative work. In order to make a fast service, precise and accurate based on the information technology in the environment of UNUD to prepare UNUD towards the internationalization level, it is necessary to establish a particular unit of UNUD managing information systems, therefore it is then established a Unit of Information Resources (USDI) Rector's Decree No. 39 / UN.14 / HK / 2015.

Considering of the Rector Decree No. 39 / UN.14 / HK / 2015 dated of February 5th, 2015 on the Unit of Information Resources (USDI) Udayana University, it is necessary to assign personnel related to the management of information resources unit as in the Rector's Decree. For the Government issued Decree No. 45 of Udayana University Rector / UN14 / KP / 2015 on the establishment of personnel USDI, it is set that Prof. Dr. I Ketut Gede Putra Darma, Kom, MT as the Chief of USDI, I Nyoman Piarsa, ST, MT as the Secretary of USDI, I Nyoman Putra Literature, ST, MT as the Head of IT Infrastructure, Soma Made Narendra, ST as the Secretary for Infrastructure Information technology, I Made Sukarsa, ST, MT as the Head of Development and Integration of Information Systems, Suwija I Made Putra, ST, MT as the Secretary of Development and Integration of Information Systems, Hendra Suputra I Putu Gede , S.Kom.,M.Kom as the Head of Service Information technology, and I Ketut Gede Oka Wiratma, ST as the Secretary for Information technology Services.

In this year, 2015, USDI has some activities, which are:

  1. The New Website Design of Unud
  2. Initiation of data and implementation of the website unud
  3. Working group reporter news online activity
  4. Design IMISSU Event
  5. Initialization and testing data of IMISS U
  6. Sosialization, implementation and training for IMISSU
  7. Desain system for REMUNERASI
  8. Initialization and testing activities of participant data dissemination system implementation and training remuneration
  9. Internet network of UNUD assessment event
  10. The implementation of Teleconference
  11. Expansion and improvement of infrastructure access of Internet network
  12. Settling the email access of UNUD
  13. Design and manufacture of software sinkroniazation of SIMAK with PD Higher Feeder
  14. Design system of integrated planning and budgeting unud

Every event is already been done by using the Strategic Rector of UNUD Foundation.

Faculty Name : Information Resource Units
Address : Rektorat Bukit Jimbaran
Telephone : -
Email : usdi@unud.ac.id
Website : -