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Science and technology have developed very rapidly. The only access to the acceleration of the acquisition and transfer of knowledge and technology (from the West) is the mastery of language, in this case English. Therefore, the mastery of the English language in the academic world will determine the quality of human resources and academic life which contribute ultimately to mastering science and technology itself.

Recognizing the importance of mastering English as outlined above, through the Decree of the Rector of Udayana University No. 05 / J14 / KP.00.15 / 1996 dated 3 January 1996, the Unit of Education, Training, and Language Services better known now as UPT Lab Bahasa was established.






Organizational Structure of UPT Lab. Bahasa consists of:
a. Head and Secretary
b. Administrative and Financial Staff
c. Staff taking care of the library (Self Access)


UPT Lab. Bahasa in recent years has developed quite substantially. However, in order to continue the development, UPT Lab Bahasa plans to:

(1)       Improve the quality of services, both academically and administratively;

(2)       Offer new programs according to the needs of the university, including the   possibility of opening other foreign language training programs besides English;

(3)       Recruit teaching staff for anticipating an increase in training activities at UPT Lab Bahasa;

(4)       Improve the quality of teaching and learning facilities.

(5)       Add references of Self-access Centre both for learners and teachers;

(6)       Update existing equipment in order to provide services for on-line English tests such as       IBT.


Language services offered include:
(1)       General English course, English Academic and English for Special Purposes (ESP)
(2)       Translation Services of Indonesian into English and vice versa.
(3)       TOEFL-LIKE training / preparation for students at all levels (bachelor (S1), Master (S2), and Doctoral (S3) levels
(4)       ITP TOEFL tests.
(5)       French Services (Warung Perancis)
(6)       Russian classes



"We intend to provide the best language services to the university community and therefore the professional Institutional Support System at the university level".


Supporting the activities of Three University Services (Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi) of Udayana University through the provision of language teaching services to meet the academic needs within and outside the university environment; actively participating in community empowerment by organizing language training; UPT Lab Bahasa Udayana University continues developing its programs in line with the university programs, by collaborating with other language service agencies to develop the existing programs or creating new programs.

Office hours:

Mondays thrugh Fridays : 08.00 - 21.00 Central Indonesian Time (WITA)

Faculty Name : UPT Language Laboratory
Address : Jl. P.B. Sudirman Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia 80114
Telephone : 0361 246551
Email : lab.bahasa@unud.ac.id
Website : labbahasa.unud.ac.id