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Despite the fact that natural resources found in Indonesia are highly rich with a variety of commodities, such as Balinese Cattle, the handling of them has not done optimally. If not managed properly and wisely, besides taking note the sustainability aspect, such diverse natural resources will be meaningless. Similarly, natural resources found in Eastern Indonesia have the potential to be utilized for the welfare of society. Human resources (HR) capable of developing knowledge and technology (science and technology) in harmony and sustainably are required in order to manage such abundant natural resources, by means of conducting research/ studies based on local resources. The opening of the Doctoral Program of Animal Husbandry Science will be able to yield superior human resources with focus on studies of the HR in Eastern Indonesia. The results will be useful for the continuation of national development in general, and the development in Eastern Indonesia in particular, those which has not received optimal attention from the Central Government to date. Hence, with the issuance of the Incorporation license of Doctoral Program of Animal Husbandry Science at Udayana University (Decree of Education Minister No. 86/D/O/ 2010) assesses the potential of existing farms, particularly in Eastern Indonesia from various aspects in relation to local culture. In terms of higher education as the providers of education, they are demanded to keep improving the qualification of human resources up to Doctoral Degree. Through the education in the Doctoral Program of Animal Husbandry Science at Udayana University, we should preserve, develop, and utilize natural resources in Eastern Indonesia for its development as well as national development.
Decree of Study Program Operation License  : 86/ D/ O/ 2010
Date of Operation Decree                               : July 15, 2010
Decree of Accreditation                                  : 006 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred / D / 1/2014
Accreditation Grade                                        : B
Validity Period of Accreditation                      : January 9, 2019

Vision and Mission of Doctoral Livestock Science


Being a cultured and highly-competitive doctoral education institution in the development of sustainable Animal Husbandry and technology science.


  1. Organizing doctoral education in a professional manner according to demands of stakeholders.
  2. Conducting research to explore and improve the capacity of local resources as well as yielding the science and technology of Animal Husbandry having comparative and competitive advantages.
  3. Organizing dissemination and diffusion of science and technology of Animal Husbandry in a synergistic and sustainable manner according to the needs of the community.

Faculty Name : Doctoral Livestock Science
Address : Jl. PB. Sudirman, Denpasar
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