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Opening              : August 14th, 1992, based on the Decree of: Indonesian Directorate

                             General of Higher  Education (DIKTI) Number: 431/Dikti/Kep/1992

                             of October 6th of 1992

                             Accreditation Decree Number:  00285/ak-1-25/UUDMLG/2000,

                             Predicate: U (Unggul / Excellent)

                             Accreditation A  /  July 12th of 2012  –  July 12th of 2017 / The Re-accreditation result from                                                                    DIKTI

Total credits:  42 Credits


  1. Pure Linguistics
  2. Literary Discourse
  3. Applied Linguistics for Translation, and
  4. Applied Linguistics for Teaching and Learning

Vision and Mission Masters of Linguistics


Realizing the Master Education Centre which optimally develops sciences, technologies, and arts based on the PIP of Udayana University which is the culture, so that it can result on the excellent, independent, and cultured Master of Linguistics.


  1. To operate the high quality education and results on the high morality and integrity alumni based on the demand of the society.
  2. To develop the excellent research in Linguistics to produce some new high-quality findings which are beneficial for the development of Linguistics in Indonesia, for the development of the society, and of the culture of the Nation.
  3. To empower the Master of PPs Linguistics Study Program of Udayana University which is based on the Science and Technology and the cultural values by developing the partnerships with some governmental and non-governmental institutions, either in local, national, or international level.
  4. To increase the capacity of the organization and its roles in developing the science and technology and the society through the research and the empowerment of linguistics, cultural, and social values.


Jabatan : Kepala Jurusan/Program Studi

NIP : 195212251979031004

Nama Pejabat : Prof. Dr. Drs. Ida Bagus Putra Yadnya, M.A.

Periode Awal : 2015-03-23

Periode Akhir : 2019-03-23

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Jabatan : Sekretaris Jurusan/Program Studi

NIP : 196012311985031028

Nama Pejabat : Prof. Dr. I Wayan Simpen, M.Hum.

Periode Awal : 2015-03-23

Periode Akhir : 2019-03-23

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Faculty Name : Magister Linguistics
Address : Jalan Pulau Nias 13 Denpasar, 80114
Telephone : 0361 - 250033
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