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Biology Graduate Study Program (S2) Udayana University was established on 25 March 2010 according to Decree of Minister of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia No.26/D/0/2010.

Biology Graduate Study Program was held based on consideration to fulfill market h opportunity with master qualified professionals in biology in various development sectors, such as in industry, health, educational personnel, experts in conservation institution, or governmental experts especially in Eastern Indonesia.

In 2012, Biology Graduate Study Program of Udayana University got “B” Accreditation according to Decree of National Accreditation Agency of Higher Education Number: 017/BAN-PT/Ak-X/S2/XI/2012.

Vision Mission Magister of Biology Science


Vision of Biology Graduate Study Program of Udayana University is to be centre for excellent, independent and civilized biodiversity development in Eastern Indonesia. This vision will be achieved in 2025.


  1. To improve quality and competency of the existing human resources (with title of Profesor and Doctor) by encouraging them to attend programs related to scientific, such as recharging academic program, seminars and workshops, and other activities. Human resources with master degree are encouraged to continue study to doctoral level.
  2. To improve quality of supporting infrastructure, such as laboratory and research facilities so that it can support the researches related to biodiversity.
  3. To hold Tridharma of University in (basic) and (advance) biology that are emphasized on biodiversity, so that it can produce graduates who are excellent, professional, independent, adaptive toward changes, entrepreneur in regional, national and international.
  4. to develop web/IT-based learning process, so that learning materials can be accessed easily and fast.
  5. to develop IT-based administration system.
  6. to build and improve cooperation in research with various parties, either with governmental instances, private institutions or other relating institutions (national and international level) in improving quality of the graduates.
  7. to optimize local potential in developing science and technology in improving society’s welfare.
  8. to dedicate to society with the topic adjusted by the local and national people’s needs.


Faculty Name : Magister of Biology Science
Address : Gedung Pascasarjana Universitas Udayana, Ruang 2.14. Jl. P.B. Sudirman, Denpasar, Bali
Telephone : 0361 - 2166767, 0361 - 223797
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