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Agricultural Biotechnology Master Program of Unud was established in 1999, based on Decree of the Director General of Higher Education No. 187/Dikti/Kep/1999 dated 29 April 1999 and until now it has A accreditation based on Decree of BAN-PT No.  003/BAN-PT/AK-X/S2/V/2012. The Agricultural Biotechnology Master Study Program of Unud is the only higher education institution in S2 (Master) degree in Agriculture Field which is based on Biotechnology in Bali Province, even in Eastern Indonesia. In doing its activities, the Agricultural Biotechnology Master Study Program of Unud always refers to vision, mission, purpose, objective and strategy determined and it becomes general rule so that there will be no disorientation in the future. Students-to be of the Agricultural Biotechnology Master Study Program are derived from those who bear Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science, Animal Husbandry, Fishery, Forestry, Veterinary, Mathematics and Natural Science, Agricultural Technology, and Health.

Vision and Mission Magister of Agricultural Biotechnology

Vision :

To make Agriculture Biotechnology Master Program, Graduate Program of Udayana University as the center of master’s degree education which develops science and biotechnology-based agriculture technology optimally based on the main scientific pattern of UNUD (Culture) so that it can produce alumnae who are excellent, independent and civilized. 

Mission :

  1. to hold learning system in Agricultural Biotechnology field that is based on local wisdom supported by information technology and communication as well as sufficient  quality assurance system in order to produce the graduates of master’s degree who are excellent, independent and civilized as well as moralized and has integrity according to public’s demand.
  2. to develop research and society dedication as well as to improve study in Agricultural Biotechnology in order to produce new findings whose high quality and useful for development of society.
  3. to produce output of master’s degree in agricultural biotechnology who are able to lead research, develop science and technology, has high creativity in research activities to improve their professional ability as well as Bali’s strategic commodity development and local wisdom.
  4. to develop partnership with various governmental and private institutions in local, national and international level to improve capacity and participation in the development of science and technology in agriculture area.



Jabatan : Koordinator Program Studi

NIP : 195904061986012002

Nama Pejabat : Dr. Ir. A.A. Ayu Agung Sri Sunari, M.S.

Periode Awal : 2018-01-18

Periode Akhir : 2022-01-18

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Faculty Name : Magister of Agricultural Biotechnology
Address : Sekretariat Bioteknologi Pertanian, Lt. II Gedung Pascasarjana, Universitas Udayana, Jl. PB Sudir
Telephone : 0361 - 255346
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