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Udayana University is one of the universities on eastern part of Indonesia that currently growing fast along the years of establishment in 1962. Recently, Udayana University has postgraduate programs in social, economy, agriculture, or even medical field of science.

Eastern part of Indonesia (KTI) is the region where its human resource (SDM) development still requires a full attention, to be able to compete and pursue the setback through the Western part of Indonesia human resource, especially in utilizing veterinary natural resource (SDA) wealth. This veterinary SDA wealth does not limit only on land habituated animals, but also include animals and/or coast and ocean biodiversity. To ensure continual utilization for the recent and future generation welfare, then an adequate competence of SDM needed to veterinary science and technology modernization and development though correctly and properly solving issues in veterinary field.

The need to establish S2 Program in Veterinary is based on government policy consideration, especially to those that associated to development policy in higher education and veterinary field.

Along the effort of increasing SDM in Biodiversity Sources utilization, then Udayana University consider it necessary to participate through establishing Veterinary postgraduate program. The establishment of this program is significantly relevant, considering the great potential of participants or students that comprises Bali, NTB, NTT, Sulawesi, Papua, and other surrounding regions. This program will be the only program established in eastern part of Indonesia.

On the 6th of August 1992, Udayana University is entrusted by Ministry of Education and Culture in the Republic of Indonesia, which in this case is the Directorate General of Higher Education to carry out the second level of education (master), started with the establishment of Master Program in Linguistics. In 2010, Directorate General of Higher Education issued a decree No.25/D/O/2010 on the establishment of S2 Program in Veterinary, which since September 2010 has started the education program.

Vision & Mission


The establishment of excellent and culture based S2 program in Veterinary on science and research field that dedicated to the public interest through continual process, supported by professional and responsible graduates.


  • To produce graduates that possesses academic skills in the veterinary field.
  • To produce innovative, creative, and professional graduates in research field for veterinary science development.
  • To increase local, national, and international partnership that improves role and capacity in community development.

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