Udayana University's 61st Anniversary Family Event, Thousands of Academics Take a Leisurely Walk

Jimbaran - Udayana University (Unud) held a series of activities to commemorate the 61st Anniversary, namely a Family Event which was held on Saturday, September 23 2023. The family event began with a Casual Walk activity which was attended by thousands of Udayana University academics. The Relaxing Walk was taken directly by the Rector of Unud by starting in the front lobby of the Jimbaran Campus Rectorate Building. There is a leisurely walking route around the campus area as well as showing the progress of the construction of infrastructure that is being carried out to the academic community.

This family event also involved several university partners from banking, Grab, disabled people, Unud Hospital, P2MW students, international students, Dharma Wanita PBB and others. Apart from a leisurely walk, this family event was also combined with the handover of CSR Campus Security Patrol Vehicles from BTN and CSR scholarships from BPD Bali as well as a drawing for the BNI Loyalty Payroll.

This family event is filled with activities that increase closeness among the academic community, such as group gymnastics, tug-of-war competitions, entertainment and door prize draws. The day before there were also competitions such as the penjor competition, gebogan competition and flower arranging competition as well as table tennis.

Rector of Unud Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara on this occasion expressed his gratitude to the academic community who had participated in enlivening the 61st Anniversary of Udayana family event. The cohesiveness and synergy of all units work together to obtain better performance for Udayana University.

"Hopefully in the future we can be even better because there are many challenges ahead, now with the capital of togetherness we hope that our performance will improve, we will be able to improve our achievements for the implementation of the Tridharma of higher education which in the end can be enjoyed by the community in order to create resources "human resources are superior, independent and cultured and contribute to the development of the nation and state," said the Rector of Unud.

The Rector also expressed his gratitude to all partners who had participated in enlivening the family events for the 61st Anniversary of Udayana University.