Udayana University Holds CUP II Rector 2023, Competing Five Sports Branches

Jimbaran - Udayana University (Unud) again held the 2023 CUP II Rector National Championship with the theme "Break Your Limit, Win Every Game". The national championship event which will last until August 29 2023 was opened directly by the Chancellor of Udayana University. The opening was held at Udayana University Field, Jimbaran Campus, Saturday (5/8/2023). There are five sports that are contested in the Rector CUP II, namely Chess, Rock Climbing, Petanque, GateBall and Cricket.

Chairman of the Acting Rector CUP II Dr. Dewa Gede Wiryangga Selangga in his report said that the GateBall and Cricket matches were held on the field of Udayana University, Jimbaran Campus, then a chess match in the Nusantara Room, Agrocomplex Building, Sudirman Campus, in the Buyung field for the Rock Climbing competition and the Petanque match in the Debes Tabanan field. The implementation of the Rector CUP II has exceeded the standards set by Puspresnas where participants have come from more than three islands, more than five provinces and more than 20 universities. For GateBall Double (students) there were 16 participants from more than 11 universities and Triple (general) followed by 32 participants and a total of 48 participants. While for Chess there were a total of 84 participants from 7 universities, Cricket as many as 26 student teams from 4 universities, Rock Climbing as many as 12 participants from 9 universities and Petanque as many as 58 participants from 16 universities.

"Hopefully in the future the activities or Rector CUP III in 2024 will be able to inspire sports in Indonesia again," said Dewangga.

KONI Bali represented by the Chairman of PERGATSI Denpasar Dr. Agus Dei in his remarks said that Udayana University had taken a role since two years ago to hold the Rector CUP championship, that Unud had provided space or a place for athletes through the Rector CUP program, hopefully it will continue. The athletes who took part in this event were also athletes who had been prepared by their supervisors to face BK PON. The Rector CUP is an intermediate target for athletes to use in improving performance. He appreciated the Rector of Udayana University for providing space for athletes to improve their achievements.

While the Rector of Unud, Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara in his remarks conveyed that the Rector CUP Udayana University is now entering its second year, of course our hope is in principle to be a forum for fostering athletes for several sports in tertiary institutions. With the holding of the Rector CUP, we hope that athletes will be born in their fields so that later they can fill in the things that are really needed for the university because they have athletes who have been tested on various occasions. Then the rest as higher education managers, how can we align and balance how we not only educate students in the classroom, we also indirectly educate them outside the classroom. This is actually the principle so that later by being involved outside the classroom in the world of sports, it is hoped that a spirit of very sportsmanship will grow.

"We hope that the Rector CUP will continue from year to year, of course with sports that will be multiplied in the following years," said the Rector of Udayana University.

Through this opportunity the Rector also thanked KONI Bali and Pengda all sports who have participated in this activity. The Rector CUP is also expected to inspire students to excel in various fields. At Unud itself, there is a PJMP (Independent Achievement Tracking) to screen students with national achievements to enter Unud without taking a test and this year 69 people have graduated. It is hoped that these outstanding students will later join and be able to strengthen existing SMEs.

The opening of the Rector CUP II was marked by the release of a pair of doves followed by the GateBall championship match.