Absorbing Aspirations from the Academic Community, DPR RI Holds BKSAP DAY at Udayana University

The DPR RI Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Agency (BKSAP) visited Udayana University (Unud) in Bukit Jimbaran, Thursday (13/4/23). The DPR team that was present was chaired by Putu Supadma Rudana, and also present were the Chairperson of BKSAP, H Fadli Zon, H. Achmad Hafisz Tohir, Krisdayanti, Muslim, and Didi Irawadi Syamsuddin. In this activity dialogue and discussion were also held with the academic community of Udayana University, who discussed the role of the BKSAP DPR RI in the implementation of parliamentary diplomacy through the role of youth and education.

Chairman of the BKSAP DPR RI, H Fadli Zon explained that BKSAP is one of the DPR's bodies which is the vocal point of parliamentary diplomacy. This is because many decisions in the country are taken through parliament. Apart from that, his party also wants to be a bridge for universities, and for that it is necessary to collect various information from universities, especially students.

Besides that, the role of young people in parliament is also very much needed which in the future will become the next generation of the nation. In the discussion following the presentation of the material from the Chair of the Delegation, quite a lot of input was received from students, deans, and rector, including issues of climate change, education, agriculture, and other issues. This activity is also part of absorbing people's aspirations, especially prioritizing parliamentary diplomacy and bridging parliament with universities. "We want the university to remain our partner in discussing strategic issues. Because the BKSAP discusses almost all issues," said Fadli Zon.

On this occasion, the Rector of Udayana University explained that Unud has 13 faculties with one postgraduate program, with a total number of students currently no less than thirty thousand students. In fact, Unud is one of the universities in Indonesia that has the most foreign students. In addition, Unud has also been accredited superior with more than 64 percent of its study programs having been accredited superior and A. Between.

Regarding BKSAP, the Rector of Udayana University was also very proud that Unud was chosen as one of the universities in the DPR RI BKSAP program. It is hoped that in the future the collaboration between Unud and BKSAP can run smoothly. Such as workshops, seminars and apprenticeship programs, Unud is included.

Meanwhile, the Vice Chairperson of the BKSAP DPR RI, Putu Supadma Rudana, explained that the BKSAP task is to foster, develop and enhance friendly relations and cooperation between the DPR RI and parliaments of other countries, both bilaterally, regionally and multilaterally, as well as in various organizations. Apart from that, he also provided advice to the leadership of the DPR RI regarding parliamentary diplomacy, and fighting for the interests of the Indonesian state. Traditionally, diplomacy was carried out only by the government, but after development, diplomacy was carried out by many parties, such as parliaments, educational institutions, young people, businessmen, and community groups, of course, in guarding national interests. For this reason, his party wants to work together with Unud to increase capacity building through education.

"Of course youth and educational institutions need to be present, in collaboration with BKSAP we can do an MoU. In this case, we are working with universities with the hope that later we can provide comprehensive information about Indonesia's whereabouts," said Rudana.