Preventing Unbalanced Information Regarding SPI Issues, Udayana University Holds a Press Conference

Since the determination of the suspect in the case of collection of institutional development donations (SPI) without foundation at Udayana University (Unud) by the Bali High Court, the image of Unud has seemed to have slumped in the public eye. In order to create a conducive atmosphere and balanced information, the Udayana University Law Team held a press conference on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

Taking place in the Bukit-Jimbaran Campus Nations room, the Udayana University Law Team represented by Dr. Nyoman Sukandia, S.H., M.H., Rama Gemingkar Matram, S.H., Ni Made Murniati, S.H., and I Gede Bagus Ananda Pratama, S.H., have met a number of media crews and then established comprehensive communication regarding the baseless SPI case at Unud. Based on the results of the press conference, in general it can be said that Unud really respects all ongoing legal processes. However, as a form of respect and protection for the rights of Udayana University officials who are suspected of committing a crime, Unud will continue to facilitate legal assistance. Apart from upholding the principle of the presumption of innocence in relation to the rights of the suspects, the Unud Legal Team has also prepared certain legal steps to maintain the good name of Unud in the eyes of the public. If it is true that there has been a mistake accompanied by sufficient evidence related to the determination of the suspect in the case of collection of SPI without basis at Unud, then the plan for pretrial is considered as the right legal step for that.

Other than that, the Unud Legal Team also emphasized that SPI collection within Unud was all based on clear legal rules. All SPI funds that have been paid by independent pathway students, all of which end up in the state treasury. Therefore, SPI funds are a component of non-tax state revenue (PNBP). Based on the research results of the Udayana University Legal Team, all state financial management (including SPI) has been running in an accountable and transparent manner. This is also evidenced by the results of audits from five different institutions, including: the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK), the Bali Province Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP), the Inspectorate General of the relevant ministries, the Unud Internal Supervisory Unit (SPI), and an public accounting firm .

The Unud legal team also said that Unud would not refuse if an error was found in the SPI collection system by the Bali High Court. However, there is great hope that this mistake should be wisely addressed by the authorities, for example in the form of an evaluation and followed by suggestions for returning state finances. As long as there is a request for return by, Unud is ready to facilitate and will immediately coordinate with the ministry regarding the return process. This is a form of Unud's commitment, to convince the public that Unud is a respectable higher education institution.

Previously, it should also be reported that the Legal Team of Udayana University had published a press release concerning the determination of the suspect ING in his capacity as Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of Udayana University to media partners, both print and online. The points included in the press release are also coherent with the material discussed at the press conference. Through these efforts, it is hoped that the public can obtain balanced information regarding cases of collection of institutional development donations (SPI) without basis at Udayana University.