Completed Building, Udayana University Holds Pemelaspasan Ceremony

Jimbaran - After the completion of several existing developments within the Udayana University (Unud) Jimbaran Campus, coinciding with Rahina Tilem Kaulu, Monday (20/2/2023) a Melaspas and Mendem Pedagingan and Caru Rsi Gana Wraspati Kalpa ceremony was held which was centered at the Dental Hospital and Mouth (RSGM) Unud Jimbaran Campus, apart from that, release and mecaru were also carried out in several places, namely the Lecture Building, the Dean Building for the Faculty of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, the Dean Building for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Dean Building for the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, the Dean Building for the Faculty of Medicine Animals, Law Faculty Dean Building, Humanities Faculty Dean Building, Economics and Business Faculty Dean Building, Medicine Faculty Dean Building, Compost Building, and several other renovated buildings.

This activity was attended by the Rector, Chair of the Senate, Vice Rectors, Secretary of SPI, Bureau Heads, Deans, Postgraduate Directors, Heads of Institutions, BPU Director, Plt. Main Director of Unud Hospital, Main Director of RSGM, and other invitees. The ceremony was hosted by Ida Pandita Mpu Nabe Dharmika Sandhi Kertha Satwika from the Sapta Arga Islamic Boarding School.