Digital Literacy Seminar at Udayana University, Students Invited to Get to Know Sustainability Issues

Udayana University in collaboration with Kompas and Pertamina held a Digital Literacy Seminar with the theme "Sustainable Energy Transition and Sustainable Media" which took place at the Widya Sabha Auditorium of Udayana University (Unud), Thursday (16/2). The seminar which was attended by more than 700 students presented the President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero), Nicke Widyawati; Kompas Daily Editor in Chief, Sutta Dharmasaputra; and Rector of Unud, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng.IPU.

Apart from increasing student literacy in the digital era, this seminar also aims to educate the younger generation about sustainability issues. A series of other events also enlivened the seminar in the form of the opening of the TJSL Village Energy Berdikari Program booth, Pertamina Goes To Campus, Energy Transition, product showcase for Pertamina MSME fostered partners, student product titles, and various other interesting activities for students.

Rector Prof. Antara expressed his gratitude to Pertamina and Kompas for entrusting Unud as one of 10 universities to host this digital literacy seminar. Through this seminar, the Rector hopes that students will be more careful in receiving various information from anywhere and ensure that the information obtained comes from a trusted source.

"Regarding the development of digital technology, I hope students can adapt not only in terms of its use, but also in terms of digital ethics. This is for security and convenience in accessing information, and more importantly to prevent the spread of misinformation in society," said Prof. Antara.

On that occasion, Nicke Widyawati explained Pertamina's strategic role as a national energy company in realizing the clean energy transition in Indonesia. It is said, in recent years Pertamina has continued to improve its sustainability performance. In 2022 Pertamina has succeeded in reducing emissions by 31.06% and continues to carry out various decarbonization programs in all of its units and affiliates. The energy transition is also carried out by revitalizing refineries and the petrochemical business, encouraging the use of natural gas as a transitional energy and expanding the green energy portfolio.

Nicke invites students as future leaders to play an active role in the field of sustainable energy so that later they can contribute to the energy transition process and achieve Net Zero Emissions. "On this occasion students can find out that Indonesia has potential natural resources and plays a major role in the world's energy transition. Therefore, we must make the best contribution to maintaining Indonesia's energy security by optimizing domestic resources," he explained.

Meanwhile, Dharmasaputra Sutta conveyed, the role of information is important to build a good understanding as an issue. Information is an important data that can provide useful knowledge for the recipient. Information can be the basis for making a decision. For this reason, the media is obliged to convey correct information so that the public is educated, including information about the wealth of natural resources in this country.

Sutta said, currently is the era of information flooding, which Indonesia is included in. The top 9 internet user countries in the world and the top 10 social media users in the world. However, there is not much campaign on how to sort information in the right way. “The problem is our concern about misinformation. Internet and social media users in Indonesia are very large, but there is very little concern about misinformation," he said.