The Rector Appoints the Chair and Vice Chair of Student Organizations at Udayana University for the 2023 Period

The inauguration of the Chair and Vice Chair of Student Organizations within Udayana University (Unud) for the January-December 2023 period took place in the Nusantara Hall Room, Agrocomplex Building, Sudirman Campus, Denpasar, Thursday (12/1/2023). The Rector of Unud directly inaugurated the Chairs and Vice Chairmen of the 32 existing Student Organizations (Ormawa) consisting of the Student Representative Council (DPM), Student Executive Board (BEM) and 30 Student Activity Units (UKM). The inauguration was also attended by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Vice Deans for Student Affairs and Information, Heads of Student Affairs Units, Coordinators and Sub-coordinators for Student Affairs, DPM and BEM Leaders for the 2022 period, and Leaders of Student Organizations at the Faculty Level.

Rector of Unud Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara in his remarks expressed his appreciation to all parties who had contributed to the smooth running of the selection process up to the inauguration. The Rector also congratulated those who were elected and trusted to become Chair and Vice Chair of Student Organizations within Unud. This is not only an honor but also a responsibility to be able to carry out the mandate properly. Through this opportunity the Rector also expressed his appreciation to the Chair and Vice Chairpersons of the previous term Ormawa.

The Rector hopes that the new Chairperson and Vice Head of Ormawa will work according to expectations, and hopefully be able to carry out their duties according to what is assigned. The programs are structured to benefit the institution. With the reason you have to prepare what needs to be done for the progress of Unud. Let's fight with the target of how to make Unud progress. It takes a hard struggle to be on par with well-known universities in Indonesia. A joint commitment to make Unud progress is very necessary. His party is also working on various scholarships from various parties for students. Student activists are expected to be able to encourage Unud students to achieve more. Various SMEs have been formed to accommodate it and support it from a budgetary perspective. The hope is that the percentage of outstanding students at Udayana University will increase.

The Chairperson of the DPM for the 2023 period is held by I Kadek Dony Suryadana with Vice Chairmen Johanes Nduru and Agripa Tri Fosa Sianipar. While the Chair of BEM is held by I Putu Bagus Padmanegara with Vice Chairperson Raihan Faishal Muzhaffar.