Udayana University Leaders Attend the 2022 Rector's Meeting

The Student Representative Council (DPM) of Udayana University (Unud) held the 2022 Temu Rektor with the theme "Aspirations of Young Knights, Reconditioning Make Udayana Responsive, Collaborative, and Transparent", which took place at the Bangsa Room, 3rd floor of the Rectorate Building of Unud Campus Bukit Jimbaran, Wednesday (19/10/2022).

Also attending this event were the Rector and Vice Rectors of Udayana University, Heads of Bureaus, Deans and Vice Deans of Faculties, Chair of DPM and their staff, Chair of BEM and their staff, Heads of Student Activity Units, and students within Unud.

The Chairperson of the 2022 Temu Rektor Committee Gede Armando Adhie Pradana in his report said that this Temu Rektor was a very important activity organized by DPM which brought students to be able to directly express their aspirations as well as discuss with the leaders in Unud. Through the theme that is carried out, there is an essence that the input or suggestions submitted by students in the Unud environment are expected to improve Unud to be more responsive, collaborative, and transparent between the Rectorate and the entire Unud academic community. Through this activity, what is conveyed and discussed in this activity can later have a better impact on students and also for the Rector.

The basis for implementing the 2022 Temu Rektor is how to realize and develop the welfare of the academic community (students). The struggle for welfare for students will never stop and from that welfare if it is associated with quality assurance theory, the institution is obliged to guarantee quality and quality for the welfare of students. In addition, this activity is also a forum for conveying complaints and aspirations that students want to convey because they have not been satisfied with being answered at the Dean level. Through this meeting, it is hoped that it will produce a solution to various problems that arise in the Unud academic community. This was conveyed by the Chairman of the DPM Unud I Gusti Ngurah Sentana Putra.

While the Rector of Unud Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara hopes that through this meeting, it is hoped that a comprehensive discussion will occur, so as to produce something useful for the progress of Unud. The Rector expressed his appreciation for the implementation of the 2022 Temu Rektor. He hopes that students must be brave to provide input from the point of view of a student. Various inputs later, if there is something that needs to be considered, it will be followed up and do anything for the progress of Unud. It is hoped that the Temu Rektor this time will be better than the previous year, both in terms of quality, the order of implementation, and do not get hung up on the things that have been done.

The Rector hopes that they can synergize and work together to solve problems that occur in the Unud environment and jointly advance the institution. Likewise, he hopes that lecturers, employees, and students will always be united for a better university appearance and don't be careless against other institutional competitors.