Udayana University Holds Workshop on Completion of PTN BH Documents

Udayana University held a Workshop on Completion of PTN BH Documents, 13-14 October at Aston Kuta. This workshop was held to improve the PTN BH document that had been prepared by the PTN BH Preparation Team, Udayana University.

Rector of Udayana University Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara explained that it was important to hold this workshop to obtain input and review the preparation of PTN BH documents. With these various inputs and reviews, it is hoped that the PTN BH document of Udayana University will be more perfect as one of the transformation processes of Udayana University into a Legal Entity State University (PTN BH).

The Head of the PTN BH Team of Udayana University Prof. Ir. Nyoman Semadi Antara, M.P., Ph.D said that this workshop invited experienced resource persons from ministries to provide input. There were 4 documents reviewed, including PTN BH self-evaluation document, PTN BH long-term development plan document, government regulation draft document on PTN BH Statute, and PTN BH transition plan document. The four documents were discussed with the PTN BH Udayana University preparation team with ministers from the ministry, including Salhefni Saleh, Sudrajat, Syamsul Hadi, and Putut Pujogiri.

This workshop also invited Plt. Secretary of the Directorate General of Higher Education Prof. Tjitjik Sri Tjahjandarie as the speaker. According to Prof. Tjitjik, Udayana University is quite ready to transform into a PTN BH. This can be seen from the leadership's high commitment and supported by a strong team. Prof. Tjitjik added that the preparedness of the document needs to be prepared as well as possible according to the grid and the review provided. With the preparation of good documents, he believes that the requirements for proposing Udayana University as a PTN BH can be met.