Rector of Udayana University Presents Udayana Award to Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD

Jimbaran - Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam), Mahfud MD, received the Udayana Award which is the highest award at Udayana University.

This award should be given at the Peak of the 60th Anniversary of Udayana University on September 29, 2022.

Rector of Udayana University Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara conveyed that this award was a proposal from the Faculty of Law for the nomination of the recipient of the Udayana Award, and was approved by the Senate, so that Prof. Mahfud MD as the recipient for 2022, with the consideration of Prof. Mahfud has enforced a just law in society. While the awarding will be held on September 30, 2022, at the Widya Sabha Auditorium, Jimbaran Campus.

"We hope that the Coordinating Minister, this award can be meaningful, he is even more enthusiastic about fighting for matters related to law, security and politics in our country, where people really need to be educated on how to be politically intelligent," said the Rector of Udayana University.

We in universities are certainly responsible for the education of the nation's children, how he can carry out his duties and obligations as a citizen in the field of law. The Rector congratulated Prof. Mahfud for this award and hopes that it will be given ease in guarding the country with regard to political and legal security. Prof. Capacity. Mahfud does not need to be doubted because whatever the nation's problems when he issued a statement made everything cool.

Meanwhile, Mahfud MD wished Udayana University a Happy Anniversary. He admitted that what he had done so far was normal. Encouraging law enforcement is indeed his duty. It's just that the ordinary things he does happen in unusual social situations, so the steps he takes to encourage law enforcement are considered extraordinary.

"Honestly, whenever there is an award like this to me from various groups, including the Media, Universities, Indigenous Peoples, NGOs, I feel too flattered. Because I feel that what I do is actually normal, why do I get awards because there are more unusual people," said Mahfud.

Mahfud gave an example, it is normal for his party to enforce the law because it is their duty, but why do people highlight it because there are many unusual things, where the law is transacted, the law is traded, politics is full of deceit, sometimes politics is often a trick. Therefore we want to build a civilized nation in the future through democracy and nomocracy. Democracy without nomocracy will be anarchy.

Indonesia is now more advanced and Udayana University is one of the institutions that has a big responsibility to accelerate this progress.