60th Anniversary, Udayana University Moves Together Towards PTN BH

Udayana University (Unud) held the peak of its 60th Anniversary, Thursday (29/9) at the Widya Sabha Auditorium, Jimbaran Campus. This year's Anniversary theme is "Moving Together Towards PTN BH", which reflects that the Unud Academic Community is united with the spirit of mutual cooperation and collaborates to move together by mobilizing all available resources to achieve the status of a Legal Entity State University (PTN BH).

Rector of Udayana University Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng.,IPU., said 60 years is a mature age. This should make all academics aware that the campus must continue to move forward and carve out many works and achievements as it matures. It invites all the academic community to understand, reflect and try their best to achieve the vision of "The Realization of Superior, Independent and Cultured Higher Education". "With the achievement of Superior accreditation which is the basic capital towards PTN BH, Unud continues to strengthen educational institutions and is transforming into PTN BH," he said when giving his speech.

Unud is currently developing a quality and integrated education ecosystem, which includes two main aspects, namely Academic and Non-Academic (Educational Facilities). In the academic field, starting with launching several programs to support internationalization at the level of study programs, faculties, units and institutions.

In addition to the breakthrough in the internationalization program, for the academic field, activities and programs have also been carried out that support IKU PT and create a quality and integrated education ecosystem. The existence of the Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka (MBKM) program launched by the Minister of Education and Culture, Research and Technology as an instrument in projecting Indonesia's young generation as adaptive and competitive pioneers in the future, of course, Unud is very supportive for the success of the program.

The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, through a video broadcast, said that on behalf of the people of the nation and state, he would like to congratulate the 60th Anniversary of the Udayana University family. The President said 60 years of age, marking maturity as well as readiness to face challenges and the ability to adapt to changes. "Universities must always be present to offer ideas, offer breakthroughs, and sustainable innovations to produce superior and strong human resources, help solve various problems of the nation and state community. Hopefully, Unud will continue to advance to become a superior university, an independent university and cultured," the President emphasized.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Republic of Indonesia, Nadiem Anwar Makarim, B.A., M.B.A., said that the anniversary of the anniversary is always a moment for universities to take a leap forward and develop further. One way that universities in Indonesia can take, namely global competition, is through achieving PTNBH status. He wished a Happy 60th Anniversary for Unud. Hopefully, at this more mature age, Unud will be more superior, independent and cultured, to realize PTNBH, and encourage the progress of higher education in Indonesia. "Let's continue to move together to realize independent learning," said Minister Nadiem.

On the same occasion, the Vice Governor of Bali, Prof. Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati, also conveyed, through the 60th Anniversary, we hope that together with Unud, we will be more advanced, more successful, and will produce alumni, human resources who have high competitiveness in the global era like now. This Anniversary, he said, is certainly not an ordinary ceremonial event, but it has a very extraordinary meaning.

"We hope that this activity will become a momentum to evaluate what programs have been implemented, what programs have not been implemented, or perhaps programs that cannot be implemented," he said.

At the peak of this Dies Natalis, also filled with scientific speeches by Plt. Director General of Higher Education, Research and Technology, Ir. Nizam, M.Sc., DIC, Ph.D., IPU, Asean Eng.