Udayana University Hosts the 2022 NUDC and KDMI National Level Events

Denpasar - The Indonesian Talent Development Center (BPTI) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology held the National University Debating Championship (NUDC) and the 2022 Indonesian Student Debate Competition (KDMI) which took place on a hybrid basis, where Udayana University (Unud) was appointed as the host of the event. This national event will take place from 11-17 September 2022 where 263 teams will compete. This activity was opened by the Rector of Unud, Sunday (11/9/2022).

The Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, Ni Luh Putu Krisnawati, SS., M.Hum in his report said that this activity is a routine activity carried out every year by the National Achievement Center. Of the 894 teams that registered at the regional level selection, there were 263 teams that qualified for the national level with a total of 526 participants from 180 universities from all over Indonesia. In NUDC and KDMI, it is divided into 6 elimination rounds for NUDC and KDMI, 4 elimination rounds in the NUDC Open Category, 3 elimination rounds in the NUDC Novice Category and 4 elimination rounds for KDMI. And of course there will be awards at the NUDC and KDMI levels. For NUDC there are Championship Open Category, 1st and 2nd Runner Up Open Category, Championship Novice Category, 1st and 2nd Runner Up Novice Category and 1st to 15th Best Speaker Open and Novice Category. Meanwhile for KDMI there are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place winners and the best speakers 1 to 15. He hopes that the best team from the best will be the champion and the best speaker.

Head of BPTI Asep Sukmayadi, S.IP., M.Si in his speech expressed his gratitude for being able to carry out NUDC and KDMI again even though they were still in the pandemic period. His party congratulated all participants who had passed the selection, being the best talents for the 2022 NUDC and KDMI grand finals which were held at Udayana University. This event is one of the events carried out consistently by the National Achievement Center, which began this year by a technical service unit, namely the Indonesian Talent Development Center.

This year is entering the third year of implementation where it is carried out in a hybrid and consistent manner. We see the enthusiasm of students to take part in this event every year and we are grateful to be able to facilitate the implementation of this activity with all the limitations that exist. He hopes that this will not reduce the meaning of the participation of participants and great talents, especially in the field of reasoning to enliven and strengthen talent events in the academic field such as NUDC and KDMI. Participants are expected to demonstrate consistency and proficiency in debating which of the best will be included in international competitions. His party has also provided incentives and awards for the best talents in the form of scholarships so that they can continue to develop their talents. In the future, competition standards will be strengthened and this program developed to be even better. The Head of BPTI also expressed his appreciation to Unud for being willing to host.

While the Rector of Unud Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng.,IPU expressed his appreciation for the appointment of Udayana University as the host of activities that have an important role in student development. This is also a special gift for Unud which will celebrate its 60th Dies Natalis. Through this opportunity, the Rector also apologized if there were any shortcomings in the organization of this activity and hoped that in organizing events related to MBKM we could perform better and better. success in the success of the MBKM program. Ending his speech, the Rector wished the participants a happy competition and competition. All teams have their respective advantages, hopefully this event will provide learning for all students to interpret higher education with higher education learning.