Udayana University Again Inaugurate 9 Permanent Professors, Total Now Has 187 Professors

Jimbaran - Udayana University (Unud) has once again inaugurated a permanent professor. This time, 9 professors were inaugurated in an academic ceremony held on Saturday (3/9) at the Widya Sabha Building, Jimbaran Campus.

The nine professors are, (1) Prof. Dr. Dra. Ni Made Suaniti, M.Si. with the oration title The Role of Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry in Esters Analysis in Research and Applications, (2) Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Sutarja, M.S. with the oration entitled Potential Earthquake, Tsunami and Liquefaction Hazards in the Development Area of ​​the Bali Cultural Center in Klungkung Regency, (3) Prof. Dr. Dra. Ni Luh Ketut Mas Indrawati, M.A. with the dissertation title of Semantic Typology of Semantic Verb Construction in Balinese Language, (4) Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Suyatna, S.H., M.H. with the oration title Formation of Good Regional Regulations in the Implementation of Regional Government, (5) Prof. Dr. Ir. Ketut Ayu Yuliadhi, M.P. with the oration entitled Potential Sycanus Aurantiacus as Biological Control Agent of Main Pests of Cabbage, (6) Prof. Dr. Drs. I Nyoman Wijaya, M. Hum. with the title oration of Company History in the Study of Bourdieusian Biography: The Marginalization of Balinese People in the Informal Sector, (7) Prof. Dr. Ir. I Ketut Suamba, M.P. with the oration title Developing Economic Activities in the Socio-Cultural-Based Subak System, (8) Prof. Dr. dr. I Gusti Ayu Sri Mahendra Dewi, Sp.PA(K). with the oration entitled The Role of Anatomical Pathological Examination of the Female Genital Organs and Breasts in Realizing a Healthy Generation and Increasing Life Expectancy, and (9) Prof. Dr. Drs. I Putu Anom, M. Par. with the title of oration Bali Tourism Development in the Context of Satyam, Sivam, Sundaram.

A total of two permanent professors came from the Faculty of Humanities, one person from the Faculty of Medicine, one person from the Faculty of Law, two people from the Faculty of Agriculture, one person from the Faculty of Engineering, one person from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and one person from the Faculty of Tourism.

Rector of Udayana University Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng., IPU. said that previously, in May 2022, Udayana University had also inaugurated six professors. So with the addition of nine professors today, the total of Udayana University has 187 professors.

The professors came from the Faculty of Humanities as many as 23 people, the Faculty of Medicine as many as 25 people, the Faculty of Animal Husbandry as many as 8 people, the Faculty of Law as many as 12 people, the Faculty of Engineering as many as 27 people, the Faculty of Agriculture as many as 27 people, the Faculty of Economics and Business as many as 19 people , Veterinary Medicine as many as 18 people, Faculty of Agricultural Technology as many as 9 people, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences as many as 16 people, Faculty of Marine and Fisheries as many as 2 people, and finally the Faculty of Tourism already has 1 professor, while FISIP does not yet have a professor.

With the inauguration of these nine professors, as many as 13 percent of the 1,428 permanent lecturers of civil servants at Udayana University have held the title of Professor/Permanent Professor. This number has exceeded the minimum target of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, which is 10 percent.

"This position does not mean it is safe for us, because of course there will also be those who are retired. This is a challenge to encourage Lecturers who have the position of Lecturer and Head Lector with a Doctorate title to go to Professor. We continue to encourage the achievements of Professors to continue to grow This is our challenge in higher education management," he said.

Currently, the University has 1,428 PNS Lecturers, 124 BLU Permanent Lecturers, 62 Contract Lecturers, and 38 Retired Lecturers. There are 397 head lecturers (28%), 510 lecturers (36%), 197 expert assistants (14%), and 137 teaching staff (10%). From this data, currently Udayana University has 150 Lectors and 244 Head Lecturers who have a doctoral degree which is the raw material for becoming Professors. He hopes that all can proceed and be confirmed as Professors.

Prof. Antara said, all professors at Udayana University including those inaugurated today are members of the Udayana University Professor Forum. This forum aims to accommodate Professors in providing suggestions, inputs and ideas for the development of Udayana University in the future.

Prof. Antara also continues to strengthen this educational institution and is currently transforming into a PTN BH (Legal Entity). Currently, Udayana University has the status of a Public Service Agency (BLU) PTN which has been running since 2011. With superior accreditation achievements, it is the basic capital towards PTN BH. "With the status of PTN BH, we will get wider asset management autonomy, so that asset empowerment at Udayana University, which is currently not optimal, will be better and will increase in the future," he said.

The increase in status to PTN BH encourages Udayana University to improve the quality of education, the quality of human resources performance, and the quality of services, so as to produce superior quality graduates who are ready to compete at regional, national and international levels.

The acceleration team for PTN BH Udayana University under the command of Prof. Ir. Nyoman Semadi Antara, M.P. Ph.D. said to have moved starting with socialization and equalization of perceptions to all leaders and stakeholders at Udayana University by presenting two resource persons, among others, Director of Institutional Dr. Lukman, S.T., M. Hum and Prof. Tjitjik Srie Tjahjandarie, Ph.D as Plt. Secretary of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology.

While the Secretary of the Forum represents the Chair of the Unud Professors Forum, Prof. Dr. dr. Nyoman Sadra Dharmawan, MS in his speech conveyed on behalf of the Forum congratulation and success to the professors who were inaugurated, and this is an extraordinary achievement at this time where to become the highest functional position is still an exclusive matter even though it is the right of every academic or lecturer but has a heavy duty to achieve it. Since March 2022, the Chancellor has established the Unud Professors' Forum whose aim is to accommodate the aspirations and thoughts of Professors for the betterment of institutions, the nation and the state. Therefore, the Professors who have just been inaugurated by the submission of the membership card have officially become part of the Professors' Forum. He invited them to continue working in accordance with the expectations of the Unud leadership to move together towards a Legal Entity PTN and the role of Professors was highly expected.