Udayana University Launches and Kicks Off UNISERF Internationalization Program

In order to improve the internationalization program, Udayana University (Unud) through the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM), launched the UNISERF grant (Udayana University International Senior Researcher Fellowship), Thursday (18/8/22) at the Westin Hotel. The selection process for the UNISERF program will begin in 2022.

Rector of Unud, Prof. Dr. Ir I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng. IPU., in implementing the launching and kick off of the UNISERF internationalization program, said that UNISERF was carried out in order to provide opportunities for researchers from all over the world who would be invited to conduct research for 6 months at Unud. For this reason, a laboratory that is relevant to the research field will be prepared. These researchers will also be given a certain amount of monthly funds during their activities in Bali, including air transportation assistance from their country to Bali, until they return to their respective countries.

"Well, this goal, of course, is the first to promote internationalization at Udayana University. Because in this way, we will be able to establish a network with partner researchers abroad with researchers at Udayana University. Next, we can evaluate and increase the capacity and number of researchers, as well as in terms of budgeting.”

Furthermore, he said, after they conducted research related to research themes that had been prepared by Unud, it was hoped that at the end of the program these researchers would conduct scientific publications in reputable international journals. With a note, as a researcher who is conducting research at Unud. After that, they can then state which institution they come from. Thus, in the future the number of international publications at Unud will increase, and more importantly we have an international network,” he said.

Meanwhile, in the end, researchers who are invited as partners at Unud, will later be invited to their respective countries, so that there is reciprocity. For this first year, there were approximately 10-12 researchers. After 1 year, it will be re-evaluated, if the impact is good, it will be increased again. "We'll try it first, maybe a few researchers, then evaluate it later, so that this becomes a road map for pioneering or promoting international programs," he said.

This program is open, regardless of which country the researcher comes from, you can see announcements and other requirements on the Unud website. So that through the Unud website, they will get guidance, guidance, and they will communicate with the team. "Later, wherever they come from, they can apply online. Then there is a team that will select, tailored to our needs and research themes and adapted to various faculties at Unud. We do not limit where they come from, but more importantly The research theme is that it will be related to the existing research themes at Unud.

In this program, his party deliberately emphasizes the attractiveness of Bali, because in addition to conducting research at Unud, it is hoped that they can also enjoy culture, customs and others related to tourism. So that later they will provide information to other parties as an effort to economic recovery. Indirectly, this will be a free promotion event for Bali tourism, to help restore the tourism economy in Bali.

Meanwhile, the Spanish Consulate Representative who was present at the launch hoped that in the future this program could develop much better. Not only in the local realm, but also in a more distant realm, namely international. His party, representing the Spanish consulate, strongly supports the program carried out by Unud.