Udayana University Lecturer Chosen in 29 International Scientists Indonesian Research Mentor

Udayana University (Unud) Lecturer Prof. I Nyoman Darma Putra, top number two from right (Photo Doc of The Conversation Indonesia).

DENPASAR— Coordinator of Doctoral Study Program of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Udayana University, Prof. I Nyoman Darma Putra, M.Litt., Ph.D., was selected as one of 29 international scientists from various fields of study and expertise to mentor Indonesian researchers for the next nine months. This was revealed in the news broadcast of The Conversation Indonesia received by Public Relations of Unud, yesterday.

It was revealed that this mentoring was given in order to support Indonesian researchers to become world-class science leaders in the future, including for Indonesia Emas 2045. The mentors selected from the program entitled Science Leadership Collaborative came from various countries, ranging from Japan, the United States, Indonesia. , France, India, to Australia.

They are affiliated with a number of globally reputable institutions such as AstraZeneca, Anjani Mashelkar Foundation, and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Udayana University lecturers are one of them. The Conversation Indonesia as the organizer said that mentoring has an important role in encouraging the personal and professional development of the participants. Through this program, they will share experiences and knowledge, as well as engage in various collaborative activities with the researchers they mentor. "I thank the selection team, who selected and selected my name from various international recommendations," said Prof. I Nyoman Darma Putra.

Before the determination is made, representatives of The Conversation Indonesia conduct interviews or intensive discussions with prospective mentors online. “What was explored during the interview was the track record of research, publications, fields of science and international research networks. At first I thought the mentors chosen were only from abroad, but also from Indonesia. I feel proud,” said Darma Putra, an outstanding lecturer at Unud in the humanities field in 2018. In the release of The Conversation Indonesia, the profiles of the 29 selected mentors were listed. Unud lecturer, Prof. I Nyoman Darma Putra, M.Litt., Ph.D., is installed in the 13th order, with a compact profile like this.

Darma Putra's Profile

I Nyoman Darma Putra is a professor and lecturer in literature, culture, and tourism at Udayana University, Bali. Before working in the academic field, Prof. Darma Putra works as a journalist and researcher in various institutions, such as KITLV Leiden (2010), The Cross-Cultural Center Ascona, Switzerland (2012), and the University of Melbourne, Australia (2015).

Darma Putra completed his undergraduate education at the Faculty of Letters, Udayana University in 1985, then completed his master's education at the University of Sydney, and his doctorate at the University of Queensland, both in Australia, both in the field of Indonesian literature. In his career, Darma Putra, who has been involved in journalism for a long time, has carried out research and publications on literature, culture, and tourism. His works have been published abroad, including the book A Literary Mirror Balinese Reflections on Modernity and Identity in the Twentieth Century (Leiden: KITLV/ Brill, 2011) and the book Tourism Development and Terrorism in Bali (London: Ashgatate/ Routledge, 2007/2018) with co-author Michael Hitchcock.

His book entitled Literary Heterogeneity in Bali (2021) was awarded the best book award from the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2021 for the literary criticism book category. In addition to teaching and serving as Study Program Coordinator, Darma Putra is also the Coordinator of the LPPM Unud Cultural Research Center and editor-in-chief of the Bali Studies Journal, accredited with Sinta-2. Darma often receives invitations to webinars and becomes a guest lecturer, including at Toyo University (Japan, 2019).