4,254 Students of Udayana University Real Work Lecture (KKN) Plunge into 194 Villages

Jimbaran - Udayana University (Unud) through the Institute for Research and Community Service held the release and deployment of students, DPL and Korkab, PPM KKN Period XXV and PUPR Residential Infrastructure Community Service in the Field of Unud Rectorate Building, Jimbaran Campus, Friday (15/07/2022) . The Rector of Unud released 4,254 KKN students in 194 villages. The release ceremony was also attended by the Vice Rectors, Chair and Secretary of LPPM, Deans, Head of Institutions, Head of UPT. Library, USDI, Guwang Village Head, Korkab, DPL and all students of KKN PPM Period XXV and KKN IP PUPR.

Head of LPPM Unud, Prof. Dr. drh. I Nyoman Suarsana, M.Si said, students were sent to the village from July 16 to August 29 2022. The first week there will be an administrative monev, then the second monev is the work program monev which is carried out 10 days before the end of the KKN. He also revealed that students need to prepare administrative completeness, student work programs, and prepare draft interim reports. The theme of this KKN is "Real Work to Serve the Nation, Awakening the Economy and Quality Health". This work program consists of 4 areas, namely public health, increased production, physical infrastructure, and socio-culture. The output of this activity is how students can socialize positive activities on social media, students will also make video activities according to the work program, students are expected to make service articles to be published in the Udayana Serving Bulletin. These results will later be exposed and copyright will be created for DPLs which will later raise the performance of Unud.

While the Rector of Unud Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng, IPU said that in implementing this KKN, it was hoped that students spread across all regencies in Bali in 194 villages could carry out their tasks as planned. Besides being able to collaborate with all teams in a village, but also being able to work together with the community and village officials at the KKN location, so that later the community can enjoy the results of community empowerment activities carried out by KKN participants, with the hope that the village can improve social, economic, cultural welfare. , by implementing science and technology.

In this activity, the launching of Mars LPPM Unud was also carried out and the release of students was marked by the symbolic wearing of hats to student representatives, handing over to representatives of the Village Head and releasing balloons.