Udayana University Hospital Appointed as Organizer of the 3rd Annual Meeting ARSPTN

Badung - Udayana University Hospital became the organizer of the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Association of State Higher Education Hospitals (ARSPTN) which took place for two days from 2 to 3 July 2022 at Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Bali. This activity was also attended by Plt. Director of Learning and Student Affairs of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Director of Health Service Guarantee BPJS Health, Chair of ARSPTN, Head of Bali Provincial Health Office, Chair of PERSI Bali, Rector of Udayana University and the Vice Rectors, President Director of Unud Hospital and their ranks.

The President Director of the Udayana University Hospital, Prof. Dr. dr. I Dewa Made Sukrama, M.Si, Sp. MK(K) as the chairman of the KONAS 3rd Annual Meeting ARSPTN 2022 committee in his report said this event aims to be a place to promote, develop, and advance Teaching Hospitals in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, through the exchange of knowledge, skills and information between experts in the hospital sector. Previously on July 1, 2022, an organizational meeting was held. The organizers are the Indonesian State University Hospital Association (ARSPTN) and Udayana University Hospital as the implementing committee. This event is divided into 6 Plenary Sessions, 6 Parallel Symposium Sessions, 3 Lunch Symposium Sessions, 3 Workshop Sessions, Poster Presentation, Work Meeting, and Cultural Night.

The participants of the ARSPTN 2022 3rd Annual Meeting came from hospitals, dental and oral hospitals of ARSPTN members as well as outside ARSPTN with the number of participants coming from 27 hospitals totaling 152 participants who were representatives from Sabang to Merauke.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of ARSPTN Prof. Dr. Nasronudin, Sp.PD., KPTI-FINASIM said in his speech that the Association encouraged all RSPTNs to facilitate the Tri Dharma of Higher Education to stand out, because in general hospitals play a role in service, but PTN hospitals have a role in research and education that must excel.

"We are pushing to become an advanced hospital, with the use of technology we support the government in supporting the independence of the health sector, therefore we encourage research not only to be published but to downstream and commercialized so that it can be mass produced and programmed together," he said.

Plt. Director of Learning and Student Affairs Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology Dr. Ir. Sri Gunani Partiwi, M.T., said the form of support from the ministry was that the RSPTN was strategic because it could integrate education, research and community service that were directly addressed to the community.

"The Ministry of Education and Culture supports us in the form of preparing a Permendikbud which does prioritize and regulates RSPTN because several things were needed, the quality of lecturers, facilities and human resources needs are part of our responsibility," he said.

Rector of Udayana University Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara M. Eng, IPU said that from this meeting it was hoped that the policies of the Udayana University Hospital together with other RSPTNs could improve performance and services to the community.

Besides that, it can also support the implementation of education that needs to be improved and most importantly can form a network of cooperation not only as fellow hospitals but also hospitals abroad.

"For us, the improvement of services in hospitals, especially Udayana University Hospital from year to year plays an important role as a referral hospital. Both in handling COVID-19 and also in relation to the G20 presidency," said the Rector.

He added that the role of the Udayana University Hospital in every event was a matter of pride for us. In this case, Udayana University always supports the development of Udayana University Hospital both in terms of material and non-material. Starting from the allocation of budget funds for the development of hospital services and infrastructure, especially during the pandemic, as well as consultations regarding the development plan of the Udayana University Hospital so that they are always able to answer challenges in this 4.0 era.