28 Udayana University Students Participate in the People's Market Young Activator Internship (PMPR)


The Director General of Domestic Trade & Non-Dedicated Mentor of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia made an on-site visit to the Denpasar City Youth Market Activator (PMPR) internship, Thursday (30/06/2022). The meeting was held in the multipurpose area of ​​Badung Market which was also attended by the Director of Trade Facilities and Logistics, the Head of the Denpasar City Industry and Trade Office, the President Director of Perumda Pasar Sewakadarma and the Rector of Udayana University represented by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs Prof. Ir. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana, MT., PhD, IPU.

The event began with a review of the things that have been developed by the PMPR internship students in the Badung Market area, especially related to the SNI requirements for Pasar Rakyat, Digitalization Progress and Market School Preparation. Meanwhile, the meeting in the multipurpose area was guided by the Director of Trade and Logistics Facilities, Iqbal S. Shofwan, which began with the presentation of the progress of the Denpasar City PMPR action plan by student representatives.

Vice Rector for Student Affairs Udayana University Prof. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana in his response to the PMPR internship said that this was a rare opportunity for students, where 28 students from Udayana University took part in this program, while 169 registered. He hoped that in the future the number of participants could be increased. This activity really supports the performance of Udayana University, especially for students, besides implementing their knowledge, they can also learn in the market in socializing with traders and visitors.

This is also a new thing for students who are not obtained in college. This program also helps improve merchants' skills in digitizing and managing their merchandise as well as providing an understanding of how to serve customers. In addition, it is hoped that through this market school they can improve their abilities. Meanwhile, for universities, this is part of the performance targets set out in the IKU, where at least 20 percent of students have MBKM or excel. We encourage students to take part in this good activity, so that they have experience in the field. It is also a favorite program over student exchange.

Director General of Domestic Trade Oke Nurwan in his direction thanked Udayana University, Mentors and market managers for their support for this program. Further information was conveyed about why there was this activity and what the Ministry of Trade expected from the education sector. There are around 16 thousands of markets in Indonesia which have an impression of slum conditions, poor management and unhygienic conditions. For this reason, it is hoped that this activity will eliminate this impression. The key word is 'coordination' which is very important for the running of a program. In his direction, the Director General also provided motivation and enthusiasm for the Denpasar City PMPR internship participants.