LPPM Unud Facilitates Water Needs for the Community of Dusun Kedampal Abang Karangasem through LPPM IPACOE Activities

As part of the second series of activities, LPPM IPACOE (LPPM International Partnership Program and Community Engagement), the Research and Community Service Institute of Udayana University (LPPM Unud), collaborated with Mr. Rus Alit (BATI-Bali Appropriate Technology Institute, Western Australia, Perth, Wanagiri, Tabanan), on appropriate technology in water management in Kedampal Hamlet, Datah Village, Abang District, Karangasem Regency. In this activity, planning and development of cubang (rainwater reservoirs), Rus pumps and rainwater catchment houses were carried out, which was carried out for 3 (three) weeks, April 24 – May 15, 2022.

The Datah Village area, Abang District, Karangasem Regency, especially in Kedampal Hamlet, is an area that experiences water inequality. The water in the reservoir and the water in the Cubang are not sufficient for their needs. The reservoir with a capacity of 10,250 cubic meters is only able to serve the residents of the lower part of Kedampal. Banjar Kedampal has the most populous population in Datah Village. Banjar Kedampal is closest to Mount Agung, about 4 kilometers from the top of the crater. Every dry season, residents of upper Banjar Kedampal buy water. The price of water is IDR 350,000 to IDR 400 thousand per tank car filled with 5,000 cubic meters. One of the efforts to reduce the potential for water shortages during the dry season in areas that are difficult to reach is the rainwater harvesting system (PAH).

The opening ceremony of LPPM IPACOE was attended by Datah Village Head, I Gede Arta, Head of Kedampal Hamlet, I Wayan Sukadi, Head of LPPM Unud, Prof. Dr. drh. I. In his speech Prof. Suarsana expressed his hope that collaboration with international experts from BATI can help the people of Banjar Kedampal in realizing rainwater storage that can help the people of Dusun Kedampal during the dry season and feel the availability of water like other people have enough water. Meanwhile, the Head of Kedampal Village expressed his greatest appreciation for Unud's concern through the LPPM IPACOE program which has helped the Datah Village community in managing rainwater, hopefully it can be sustainable in the future.