Udayana University Holds International Service "Pathway to Achieve the Sustainable Transition Globally"

The International Affairs Office (KUI) in collaboration with LPPM Udayana University carried out an International Service activity entitled "Pathway to Achieve The Sustainable Transition Globally" at the International Affairs Office of Udayana University, Sudirman Campus, Denpasar, Friday (08/04/2022).

This activity is an implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, especially in the field of community service. Present at this event were the Coordinator of the Environmental Science Doctoral Study Program along with representatives of Environmental Science Doctoral students and International Program students, namely GoBali.

The Coordinator of KUI Udayana University Ni Nyoman Pujianiki who opened the event said that environmental damage had occurred in the world, including in Indonesia and was getting worse day by day. The causes of natural damage can be caused by two factors, namely due to natural events and due to human activities. This environmental damage is characterized by the loss of land, water, air resources, the extinction of wild flora and fauna, and the destruction of ecosystems. Ni Nyoman Pujianiki said that it is time for us to care about the damage to nature by reducing things that cause natural damage, such as damage to the mangrove ecosystem. Mangroves are natural resources that are very important in managing the quality of the estuary environment as a habitat for various types of marine life.

The nature of mangroves, which are very vulnerable to environmental changes, easily damaged and in difficult conditions to be restored, demands caution in their management. Mangrove management needs to consider physical and non-physical aspects considering that the mangrove ecosystem provides benefits for the socio-economic and cultural life of the community. After this activity, the event continued by cleaning the Mangrove Forest area behind the Indonesia Power Factory.

While attending as a resource at the Pathway to Achieve the Sustainable Transition Globally event, Mr. Benjamin Casteillo. Environmental issues became the emphasis of the material presented by Mr. Casteillo who was concerned about the negative impact of industrial activities with sustainability problems that arise globally. He admits that he focuses on tackling global problems and dedicates his life to helping humanity in these challenging times by developing and sharing the knowledge and deep understanding he has gained in his journey of observing environmental phenomena. Benjamin Casteillo is the founder of the New World Together a Research & Education Project which focuses on Global Sustainability with Human Solution.