Grand Opening "Nusantara Udayana Restaurant 1", Udayana University Now Has Restaurant Campus

Jimbaran - Udayana University (Unud) pays serious attention to food and drink services for academics, and gradually upgrades the conventional campus canteens to become restaurant class with a maintained academic atmosphere. After a long delay due to the pandemic, the Grand Opening "Nusantara Udayana Restaurant 1" was finally held in the basement of the Jimbaran Campus Rector Integrated Lab, Friday (1/4/2022). The Grand Opening was marked by the cutting of the ribbon by the Rector of Udayana University and witnessed by the Vice Rectors, Deans, Head of Institution, Head of Bureau and Head of Work Units in Udayana University and Dharma Wanita Persatuan.

This restaurant is not just a place to enjoy eating and drinking for academics and campus guests, but also an educational space. Some of the operational characteristics of Udayana Restaurant are serving Indonesian or traditional menus, prioritizing food and beverages that are processed and served hygienically, do not use ingredients that are harmful to health, use environmentally friendly equipment, shoppers are educated independently, disciplined, and responsible by disposing of themselves. trash after eating/drinking, and buyers are educated to use digital technology for payment (using QRIS/cash less/non-cash). In addition, Udayana Restaurant also provides opportunities for students who want to work part time or internships as part of the Merdeka Learning Program at the Merdeka Campus.

Rector of Udayana University Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara on this occasion appreciated the manager who has created an extraordinary restaurant in the Unud Campus area. His party is committed to supporting this through policies that are oriented towards budget efficiency and reducing waste. Managers are expected to be able to adjust in terms of costs and accountability and pay attention to customer satisfaction in terms of hygiene and quality as well as affordable prices for students. The Rector also plans to build a similar restaurant at the existing Dean, as well as a lecture building as well as the Unud Hospital and RSGM. The library near the restaurant will also be equipped with facilities so as to increase the number of visitors and later when they want to eat they can be at this restaurant. The Rector asked the manager to pay attention to the menu and provide opportunities for students for part time jobs. This restaurant has also been based on cash less and the Rector appreciates this. He hoped that a similar restaurant would soon be available again at Unud and when the lecture building and dormitory became available, it had to be supported by food suppliers so that partners would be sought to cover this. In addition, the Rector will also issue policies to improve the campus for the better in the future.

This restaurant with a total capacity of 90 seats also provides a VIP Room with a capacity of 26 seats. The VIP Room is equipped with a room temperature controller and LED TV, so it is also convenient to be used as a meeting room. The out door restaurant area can also be used for committee disbandment activities or birthday celebrations and the like that require entertainment such as acoustics or karaoke. Other facilities such as toilets are available separately for men and women. Although the service is designed as a restaurant, the prices of food and drinks are certainly affordable for students, staff and lecturers.

Restaurant Manager I Nyoman Suka Kargana expressed his appreciation to the Udayana University Leaders who have given the trust to manage food and beverage facilities on campus. It is determined to provide good food and beverage services with adequate service. In the operation of this restaurant, his party prioritizes the guarantee of cleanliness and sanitation of the place, cleanliness and hygiene of food and beverages, and guarantees fast and easy service. Through the experience they have, they strive to realize quality products and services that provide satisfaction for customers.