PT-Kes LAM Assessor Team Conducts Field Assessment Accreditation of Neurosurgery Specialist Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University

The PT-Kes LAM Assessor Team visited the Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University in the context of the Accreditation Field Assessment of the Neurosurgery Specialist Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University, Tuesday (15/3/2022).

The opening ceremony was held in the A.A. Made Djelantik Meeting Room Faculty of Medicine Udayana University Sudirman Campus Denpasar which was marked by the beating of the gong by the Rector of Udayana University Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M. Eng, IPU. Present on this occasion were the Chair of the Institution, the Secretary of USDI, the Head of the Library Unit, the Head of the Udayana University Hospital and the Network Hospital, the Chair of the Faculty of Medicine Senate, the Dean and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine along with all related units and ranks as well as other invitees.

The assessors who attended this assessment were Dr. dr. Setyo Widi Nugroho, Sp.BS(K) (University of Indonesia) and Dr. dr. Muhammad Rizal Chaidir, Sp.OT(K).,M.Kes(MMR).,MH.Kes (Padjadjaran University).

Faculty of Medicine Dean Dr. Komang Januartha Putra Pinatih in his speech said that the Government is currently carrying out various health policy transformations in an effort to realize a healthy Indonesia in 2022. One of the efforts made related to this policy transformation is how to increase the number and distribution of both general practitioners and specialists. The implementation of this policy, the government is currently accelerating the opening of new study programs, so far there are four study programs that are prioritized to accelerate the opening to meet the number and institutions. There are cardiology study programs, cardiovascular thoracic surgery study programs, neurology and neurosurgery study programs. Of the four, Faculty of Medicine of Udayana University already has three, of the three that already have a neurosurgery study program, one of them is.

The Dean of Faculty of Medicine is grateful that the neurosurgery study program, although still only four years old, has already played a role in the health policy transformation efforts that are currently being pursued by the government. As a study program that will provide service graduates to the community, of course, the competence and quality of graduates need special attention, to ensure the quality of these graduates, a quality assurance system is needed which will later oversee that all processes that occur in the study program have been planned, implemented. and evaluated properly. By holding this assessment, it is hoped that the Assessor Team will be able to take pictures and be able to provide suggestions and input so that later the study program can develop even better. Besides, it is hoped that this accreditation process can trigger the growth and realization of a sustainable quality culture.

Rector of Udayana University Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara on this occasion conveyed a glimpse of the current existence of the Udayana University Campus. In addition, it was also stated that Udayana University already has 118 study programs of which 70 percent have been accredited as good, very good and excellent. In the context of this accreditation, the Rector will continue to encourage study programs to obtain higher accreditation. Currently, Udayana University has 4 study programs that have been internationally accredited, and this year 14 humanities study programs have been proposed for FIBA ‚Äč‚Äčinternational accreditation. Of the 118 study programs, 33 study programs are in the Faculty of Medicine, so the Faculty of Medicine is very important for the existence of Udayana University so that all study programs in Faculty of Medicine are expected to grow and develop as well as established study programs to date.

The Rector will also encourage Faculty of Medicine to open several new study programs that are very important in the future, such as the urology study program, hospital management study program, and medical rehabilitation study program. This Neurosurgery Study Program has a very large role, and the accreditation process carried out today is very helpful for our existence, so it is hoped that the Assessor Team can provide input, information and direction needed by the neurosurgery study program of Faculty of Medicine Udayana University to tread its way forward to be a better future.

Meanwhile, Representative of the Assessment Team, Dr. dr. Setyo Widi Nugroho, Sp.BS(K) said, as a team of assessors, we will take a good, objective picture of this activity and will also provide inputs and directions where this accreditation process is very beneficial for the development of a study program. The assessor team will ask for all available data to confirm what is already in the performance report and hope that this accreditation process can run well and smoothly.