Central Park of Udayana University Officially Launched Has Various Interesting Photo Spots, Rector of Udayana University Collaborates with Media to Introduce it to the Public

Denpasar - Friday (4/2/2022) the Central Park of  Udayana University Launching event was held at the Sudirman Campus Denpasar, which was also coupled with a Media Gathering. The activity which was held under the coordination of the Udayana University Spokesperson Team was carried out to socialize the existence of Central Park (Green Open Space) Udayana University Sudirman Campus Denpasar to the public.

Central Park is a green open space built by Udayana University on an area of ​​3,886 square meters. There are various functions of the Central Park, including ecological functions, planological functions, aesthetic functions, educational functions and economic functions. Thus, the academic community no longer views campus as just a row of buildings consisting of rooms for study only, but instead there is still space for recreation, breathing fresh air, and interacting after spending a lot of time in closed classrooms, workspaces or laboratories.

Central Park of Udayana University has also been equipped with various supporting facilities, including a very large parking area, 32000 kva of electricity, a modern academic atmosphere, a good security system, and a very strategic location in the city center. Thus Central Park can be an attractive choice for outdoor events, such as gatherings, thanksgiving, farewells, exhibitions, art performances and even wedding receptions. Through its potential, Udayana University invites all parties to make Central Park a location for gathering or outing activities, and various other activities and it is hoped that Central Park can be accepted not only for the Udayana University academic community but also for the general public.

Rector of Udayana University Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara on the occasion said that the use of Central Park was not only intended to support campus activities but also could be used by the general public. In the future, we hope that this Central Park will be used by the academic community in all its activities that allow it to be outdoors, besides that we also invite the public to take part in using it.

The Rector hopes that the existence of Central Park can increase the existence and credibility of Udayana University in the community. Besides that, his party is also focusing on building various infrastructure to support campus activities and structuring Udayana University assets in the form of land and buildings. This year his party will also realize two big agendas, namely the construction of eight Dean buildings in the Jimbaran Campus area and the construction of the Udayana Integrated Student Dormitory which has a capacity of 6000 beds divided into 22 towers. This hostel was built with the aim of shaping the character of new students to be more independent and able to practice their soft skills to interact while living in the dormitory.

Everything related to the development and/or restoration of infrastructure in Udayana University is actually one of the outcomes of Udayana University commitment to make changes for the better. This change is expected to be able to support Udayana University aspirations to go to a World Class University.