JUPI Unud Holds the 2020 Unud Journal Ranking (UJAR) Award

Journal and Scientific Publication Unit (JUPI) for Coordination Meeting and the Awarding of Unud Journal Ranking (UJAR), Monday (28/12/2020) in the Hall of Postgraduate Building, Sudirman Campus. The Coordination Meeting was opened by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and followed offline by the Chairperson and the JUPI Unud Unit Team, UJAR Recipient Representatives, while other invitations joined online through the Unud Webex application.

Head of the JUPI Unud Unit Ni Made Ary Esta Dewi Wirastuti, Ph.D in her report conveyed the development of the Unud Journal at the national and international levels, the distribution of the Unud Journal per Faculty / Prodi / Unit, the results of monev journals through the Journal Information System (SIJUNA), activity plans JUPI 2021 and JUPI in a digital footprint. He said that there are 105 active journals, 77 of which are SINTA indexed (Rank 3 in Indonesia), 3 indexed Web of Science, 1 indexed SCOPUS, 46 indexed DOAJ (Rank 2 in Indonesia), Rank 4 in Indonesia Publisher in GARUDA, 6 journals register for SCOPUS and 5 journals to register for ARJUNA 2020. The 2021 activity plan will focus on four areas, namely the IT sector, the field of cooperation and promotion, the field of guidelines / guidelines and the field of capacity building for Udayana University editors and reviewers.

While the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara in his direction expressed his appreciation for the achievements made by the JUPI Unit. This is also due to the support of journals in the work unit. The hope is that with good and sustainable guidance, more and more journals will be indexed by SINTA. Due to the hard work of the team, one journal has been indexed by Scopus and six more have been registered. Increasing the number of Scopus can increase university achievement in all fields, especially in scientific journals. Through this Coordination Meeting, it is hoped that input from the Team and participants regarding things that need to be done for the development of journals at Udayana University. This journal also deals with the University's performance contract with the Ministry. Coordination has also been carried out with Faculty and Postgraduate Leaders related to journal development at the work unit level. In the future, the JUPI Unit will also be facilitated with relevant staff, facilities and infrastructure.

The coordination meeting was closed with the submission of the Unud Journal Ranking (UJAR) award where the ranking was based on the results of monev journals through SIJUNA with synchronization of SINTA Ristek BRIN data. For UJAR 1 there are 12 journals, UJAR 2 has 50 journals, UJAR 3 has 15 journals and UJAR 4 has 27 journals. The award is submitted to the representative of the award recipient by the Deputy Chancellor for Academic Affairs, accompanied by the Head of the JUPI Unit.