Audiency Udayana University Rector, Ministry of Education and Culture

The Rector of Udayana University Professor A.A Raka Sudewi, accompanied by the Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation, and Information Professor IB Wyasa Putra and Head of BPKU I Wayan Antara held an audience with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Culture Professor Ainun Naim. The Rector was received directly by the Secretary General at the Secretariat General Meeting Room of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Tuesday (15/12/2020). There were three things conveyed by the Chancellor at the hearing, namely (1) Performance reports on the optimization of cooperation in the utilization of BMN Unud 2017-2020 assets; (2) The need for adjustments to the Ministerial Regulation on OTK Udayana University in relation to various new institutional needs that have not been accommodated; and (3) The plan for the election of the Rector with regard to the end of the 2017-2021 Chancellor's term.

Regarding the performance of optimizing asset management for Unud 2017-2020, the Chancellor reported that Udayana University has added BMN assets through various collaborations, such as the IBRC collaboration with Tamansari Resot in the form of laboratories and laboratory operational support facilities worth 2.5 billion, the collaboration of Fapet with PT. Charoen Pokphand in the form of a Closed House development grant worth 2 billion, an increase in the RSPTN with an equipment grant from the Badung Regency Government worth 54 billion; grants for the arrangement of 44 isolation inpatient rooms, 9 ICU rooms and 4 nurse station rooms from the Bali Provincial Government worth 8 billion; transfer and restoration of functions of building and land assets. Institute for Peace and Democracy (IPD) in collaboration with PT. Genah Ring Jimbaran (GRJ) with an investment of 22 billion; additional office assets and spatial planning for the Tourism Confucius Institute (TCI) worth 2 billion in collaboration with Hanban University, Nanchang University and Nanchang Normal University which are the leading universities in the PRC; additional office assets for the Center for Asia Cross-Cultural Institute (CACI) in collaboration with the Chinese Consul General and Beijing University worth 200 million rupiah. So that the total performance value of adding assets for Unud 2017-2020 through cooperation is valued at 90.7 billion, all of which are productive assets that will be a source of new revenue for Udayana University in the future. RSPTN during the Covid era, when college admissions generally decreased, their admissions actually increased. Unud also carried out rescue and restoration of disputed asset status which contained the potential for cooperation covering an area of ​​7.7 hectares with an estimated value of 900.01 billion, so that the total asset management performance of BMN 2017-2020 through cooperation was valued at 990.8 billion.

Currently, Udayana University also has the need for organizational changes in institutional arrangements with regard to several institutional elements that have not been included in the OTK, such as the RSPTN, and the USDI are still unit status even though the weight of managed affairs is equivalent to that of an institution.

The Chancellor also submitted a report on the process of electing the Unud Chancellor which will start in March 2021 and is currently waiting for the Minister of Education and Culture's Regulation on the Election of the Rector so that the process can be carried out according to the rules.

In his direction, the Secretary General appreciated the performance of the Rector of Udayana University in saving or restoring the status and function of BMN Unud assets and developing / adding assets through cooperation which would be a new source of revenue for Udayana University. With regard to OTK, the Rector of Udayana University was asked to apply for an adjustment to the Ministerial Regulation concerning OTK to accommodate the various new needs of developing institutions. On that occasion the Secretary General also said that the Ministry of Education and Culture was drafting regulations on the RSPTN, however the request should be submitted. With regard to the Ministerial Regulation concerning the Election of the Chancellor, the Secretary General said that the Regulation was in the discussion stage. The Secretary General hopes that the Rector Election process at Udayana University will take place orderly, well, politely, and peacefully in accordance with the beliefs of higher education as an educational institution.

The Chancellor of Udayana University will follow up on the directions referred to, especially with regard to the adjustment of the Udayana University institutional system so that the already good performance of Udayana University can be further improved.