Implementing the University-Business Cooperation Project

In implementing the University- Business Cooperation Project, SMART partners (six universities in Indonesia and three universities in Europe) have been working intensively in the development of the syllabus for the project’s first training programme. 

This is part of the project Work Package 2 (WP2.1), and has resulted in a unique set of training modules on Entrepreneurship. The training pursued the following specific objectives: 

1. Introducing the participants into the University of Bologna (UNIBO)’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.
2. Sharing best practices and case studies.
3. Getting familiar with entrepreneurial training and scouting activities offered by UNIBO
4. Exploring the different agreements and collaborative structures within UNIBO’s network. 

Upon these key premises, the three-day training developed a structure based on three modules where each of them corresponded to a specific learning outcome:
1. Third Mission and strategies for entrepreneurship
2. Entrepreneurial training and scouting programmes
3. Ecosystem, network, and collaborations
Led by the University of Bologna and co-chaired by Agora Institute and the University of Turku. 

The intensive training was organised successfully on October 6, 7, and 8, and attended by more than 50 participants from Indonesia and Europe.