Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) Udayana University Celebrates the Peak of DWP 21st Anniversary in 2020

The anniversary celebration was held in the Meeting Room of the Chancellor's Office, Denpasar which was marked by cutting the tumpeng by the Chairperson of the DWP Unud, Saturday (12/12/2020). This celebration is also coupled with regular meetings and sharing about "Culinary Business in Pandemic Period" by Dr. Ir. Luh Putu Wrasiati, MP (Lecturer at FTP Unud).

The Head of DWP Unud Mrs. Ida Ayu Bulan Antara said that the anniversary celebration was carried out simply considering the pandemic period. The peak of the anniversary actually falls on December 7, 2020 but it can only be celebrated today. DWP is an independent, democratic and independent women's organization. DWP is expected to play an important role and support the government in realizing national development. The chairman of DWP hopes that through this anniversary celebration, DWP members, especially at Udayana University, will always be united and maintain solidity to advance DWP and support their husbands in advancing Udayana University.

In the culinary business sharing session, the resource persons shared tips in determining business opportunities to be carried out and promotional efforts for their development. The speakers who attend are often assigned to foster culinary businesses in Denpasar and Tabanan. This sharing activity is expected to inspire and provide input in managing a business as a new source of income in helping families generate income during a pandemic.