The SKB for Acceptance of Contracted Education Personnel at Udayana University was attended by 460 participants

Udayana University held a Field Competency Selection (SKB) for Acceptance of Contracted Education Personnel (Non PNS) at Udayana University Hospital and Other Units at Udayana University, Thursday (10/12/2020 Participants who took part in SKB based on SKD rating, where the number of participants was three times of the need / formation of each position, SKB is carried out through interview tests, practice, etc. The number of participants who take the SKB for Hospitals and Clinics is 344 people and 116 other work units in the Unud environment.

The implementation of the SKB for formations at the Hospital lasts for three days (10-12 December 2020) and for other work units it lasts for two days (10-11 December 2020). The implementation of the SKB for other unit formation participants in the Udayana University was carried out in three places, namely the LPPM Building, the Rectorate Building and the USDI by implementing strict health protocols.

Participants who take the SKB must follow health protocols by keeping their distance, wearing masks and checking their body temperature. In all stages of the selection, no correspondence is held and is free of charge. The applicant's graduation in each selection is determined by the applicant's ability and competence, and every announcement regarding the selection process is officially announced through the Udayana University Website (