Udayana University collaborates with the Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Transportation which was marked by the signing of a Virtual Memorandum of Understanding through the Zoom Meeting application, Tuesday (8/12/2020). The signing ceremony was also witnessed by the Indonesian Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi. On this occasion the Udayana University Rector was represented by the Vice Rektor for Planning, Cooperation and Information Prof. IB Wyasa Putra.

Head of Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Transportation, Dr. Ir. In his report, Umiyatun Hayati Triastuti, M.Sc said that the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding was carried out in order to increase the effectiveness of research and development through collaboration with various university partners, so that research is of higher quality and usefulness and can become the basis of transportation policy. On this occasion, 10 new partners, including Diponegoro University, Udayana University, Sriwijaya University, Riau University, Nusa Cendana University, Cendrawasih University and Pattimura University, signed a Memorandum of Understanding. In addition, 11 Memorandum of Understanding were signed for self-management with six universities. Through the cooperation, it is hoped that Balitbang will become a more qualified and reliable organization in supporting transportation services.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi in his direction said that transportation involves all knowledge in its development, not only talking from the aspect of movement but also from the security side and supported by various other aspects. Transportation is a catalyst that supports economic growth, the development of transportation supports the dynamics of development in remote areas and has a strategic function to maintain the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia in carrying out public service functions. In line with the President's vision, there are three focuses and five agendas of the Ministry of Transportation, in which to achieve this, it is necessary to support the consideration in the formulation of a policy recommendation. Balitbang cannot work alone, and there is a need for cooperation with partners such as research institutes and universities which should be followed up through the signing of 10 Memorandum of Understanding today. In a limited meeting, the President directed several strategic steps and asked all parties to take action, and this cooperation is expected to be followed up with the implementation of specific activities and of course also must be accountable and good governance and beneficial for the development of transportation in Indonesia.

The Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony was also coupled with a Webinar Series with the theme "The Effectiveness of Psbb and Humanitarian Logistics Support for Sea, River, Lake and Crossing Transportation During the Covid-19 Pandemic".