Unud Receives UMRAH Team Visit

Udayana University received a working visit from the Raja Ali Haji Maritime University (UMRAH) Team, Tanjungpinang, Monday (7/12/2020), at the Nusa Room, Unud Bukit Jimbaran Campus.

The UMRAH Team working visit was in the context of benchmarking in an effort to improve the quality of services in the academic field, especially the management of reporting in the academic field and the student National Certificate Numbering (PIN) procedure which will be applied at UMRAH.

The UMRAH team that visited consisted of the Head of the Academic Bureau, Student Affairs and Cooperation (BAKK), Deputy Dean I of the Faculty of Economics and representatives of UPT PTIK.
The UMRAH Team visit was received by the Head of BAKH Udayana University together with USDI staff and teams.

Head of BAKK UMRAH Ary Satia Dharma, S.Sos., M.Si said that currently UMRAH has 5,679 students with a simple structure only having LP3M and three UPTs namely UPT PTIK, Language and Library. This visit, besides having the aim of strengthening friendship, was also to explore information on academic services at Udayana University which was based on IT and synchronization of services at the UMRAH Faculties and Rectorates. The Head of BAKK also gave his appreciation for the acceptance from the Udayana University and hoped that through the discussions carried out he would obtain recommendations and open opportunities for system development cooperation.

Meanwhile the Head of BAKH Udayana University Drs. IGN Indra Kecapa, M.Ed, on this occasion gave a glimpse of the profile and academic services at Udayana University. In the discussion, it was also discussed things that can be cooperated related to academic services and information systems at Udayana University.

On this occasion there was also a presentation of material related to academic services, PIN and Integrated Information Systems and Networks at Udayana University by the Academic Division and the USDI Team.

In the discussion, the discussion was related to the evaluation of the progress of the study, the independent learning curriculum for the independent campus, the Numbering of National Diplomas, the strategy to get a scholarship, server management and data migration strategies in the early stages of system development.