SKD for Unud Contract Education Personnel Admission was Attended by 1,897 Participants

Udayana University held a Basic Competency Selection (SKD) for Acceptance of Contracted Education Personnel (Non PNS) at Udayana University Hospital and other Units in Udayana University in 2020.

The implementation of SKD took place online and was attended by 1,897 participants who had passed the administrative selection, Tuesday (12/1/2020). There were 163 formations that were carried out this time, with a total of 5,601 applicants, but those who passed the administrative selection were 1,897 people.

Participants take the online exam selection by using a laptop / computer from their respective homes and supervision is also carried out online through the participant's cellphone that has been connected to the Cisco Webex Meetings application. Participants are required to follow the rules and regulations set out in this selection process.

Head of General Bureau Drs. Ketut Amoga Sidi said that the selection process was carried out fully online, given the large number of participants and the implementation of health protocols in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

In terms of infrastructure, the university is also adequate for implementing SKD online. On the other hand, it is also hoped that through this online selection process, human resources who will later join Udayana University have mastered IT, making it easier to carry out tasks during the pandemic, which are mostly done online. Through the implementation of this SKD Online, efficiency can also be made in terms of the number of rooms, committees and costs. The Head of the General Bureau hopes that through this selection process, qualified human resources will be obtained and able to increase the competitiveness of the institution.

The implementation of SKD Online was also reviewed directly by the Rector of Unud Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi who monitored the stages of the SKD process carried out by the committee located at the GDLN Building, Sudirman Campus, Denpasar. On this occasion the Rector gave his appreciation to the General Bureau and USDI Team for preparing the SKD Online process, and hoped that this process could run smoothly.

This SKD Online will last for two days divided into six sessions. Each session uses ten Webex rooms that are supervised by a supervisor with an average number of participants for one supervisor of 30 people. Participants are required to turn on the video camera on the Webex application during the examination for the surveillance process.