The Faculty of Humanities held an Online Field Assessment of Cultural Studies Doctoral Study Program (S3) Reaccreditation, Faculty of Humanities, Udayana University from the Hall of Ir. Soekarno Poerbatjaraka Building, Faculty of Cultural Sciences Denpasar. This activity was held for two days from 20 to 21 November 2020.

The Field Assessment program was opened by the Vice Rector I for Academic Affairs, Prof. Udayana University. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng and attended by the Dean and Deputy Deans of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Secretary of the Senate FIB, Ka. LPPM, Ka. LP3M, Ka. UPT Libraries, Secretary of the USDI ICT Services, Coordinator of the S3 Cultural Studies Study Program, Doctoral Lecturers of Cultural Studies, as well as units within the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Udayana University.

In his remarks, Vice Rector I for Academic Affairs welcomed the Udayana University to the Assessor Team who were present online. It is hoped that the implementation of the field assessment will run smoothly, therefore it is hoped that input from the assessors team can be followed up. If there is something missing, please allow it to complete it so that it can get the best score for the Doctoral Study Program of Cultural Studies, considering that accreditation is very important for alumni in finding work.

On this occasion the Vice Rector also explained the forerunner of Udayana University and the Faculty of Cultural Sciences. In particular, the presence of the Doctoral Study Program (S3) in Cultural Studies has a good impact on the existence of Udayana University. The Doctoral Study Program (S3) in Cultural Studies is also a leading study program related to culture, so students from this study program are spread from various parts of Indonesia, not only in Bali. In this case it was also reported from 13 Faculties, 1 Postgraduate Program which has 117 Study Programs has 53 percent achieved an A or superior grade, where accreditation A in the study program at Udayana University is very important in order to carry out Higher Education Accreditation (APT) next year , it is hoped that the contribution of the Doctoral Study Program (S3) of Cultural Studies will get good accreditation so that later it can provide more results to Udayana University.

The BAN-PT assessors team that was present online were Dr. Abdurakhman, SS., M.Hum from the University of Indonesia and Dr. Hj. R. Nunung Nurwati from Padjadjaran University. Representative of the Assessor Team Dr. Abdurakhman, SS., M.Hum said, as a delegation from the National Accreditation Board our team will carry out a process of finding new supporting data, so that it can provide an additional value in this accreditation. The assessors team also hopes to work well with all parties related to this process. What the Team asked for was not a violation, but to complete the desired information so that it supports the information that can be provided to the government in a timely and good manner. For this reason, the assessor team hopes that if there is additional new data, it will be informed to the team.