The Directorate of Belmawa Holds "Collaborative Insight Event" Followed by 100 Universities Selected One of which is Udayana University

In the framework of implementing the Merdeka Campus Free Learning Program, a "Collaborative Insight Event" was held in the context of realizing the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs program, Kemdikbud. The implementation of this activity is in collaboration with the manager of the Career Center in higher education which takes place online through the Zoom Meeting application, Thursday (19/11/2020).

In this activity, Udayana University was represented by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara and Koorprodi S1 ​​Law Science Faculty of Law.

The implementation of this activity is motivated by the Independent Learning-Independent Campus Program (MBKM) which has been launched in order to prepare university graduates who are tough, competitive, and ready to answer the needs of the times, where one of the concepts is the opportunity to intern for students for 1-2 semesters in companies. / institution with an equivalent weight of 20-40 credits.

This event will bring together representatives from companies and 100 selected universities to agree on an apprenticeship program that is suitable and mutually beneficial for both parties. It is hoped that through this activity, in addition to formulating an appropriate apprenticeship system, compatible universities and companies can immediately agree on the form of cooperation.

Introduction to the activities and objectives of the event was delivered by the Director of Belmawa Prof. Aris Junaidi, An introduction to the workshop with the topic Big picture: future competency was delivered by Ahmad Yuniarto and an introduction to workshop content with the topic Graduate employability and industrial relationship was delivered by the Director General of Higher Education Prof. Nizam. This workshop will last for one day with a total of 200 participants.