Online Technical Guidance for Compilation of List of Proposers for Determination of Credit Score (DUPAK) Unud Presents Resource persons from BKN

The General Bureau of Udayana University through the Human Resources Section carried out the Technical Guidance (Bimtek) of Compiling a List of Credit Score Proposers (DUPAK) which took place online through the Unud Webex application, Thursday (15/10/2020).

The Technical Guidance, which was attended by Heads of Divisions, Heads of Subdivisions, Medical Functional and PNS Paramedics, was opened by the Vice Rector for General Affairs and Finance, Prof. IGB Wiksuana represented the Rector and was also attended by the Head of the General Bureau. Resource persons in the Bimtek which lasted for two days, namely Aidu Tauhid, SE., M.Si (Director of the ASN State Civil Service Agency), Linda Warni, S.Pd (Young Expert Personnel Analyst at the Ministry of Education and Culture's HR Bureau) and the Functional PAK Team from Sanglah Hospital . The materials presented in the Technical Guidance include Functional Positions of State Civil Servants, Promotion of Position and Functional Ranks of Civil Servants as well as Compilation of a List of Proposals for Determining Credit Score (DUPAK) for Functional Positions.

Vice Rector Prof. IGB Wiksuana in his speech conveyed that this activity was motivated by the government's policy of simplifying structural positions as stated in PermenPANRB Number 28 of 2019 concerning equalization of administrative positions into functional positions and the government's attention in increasing functional positions. This is because functional positions value expertise more so that later Indonesia can run a government system that is agile and agile in keeping up with changes, both modernization and the needs of society.

Currently, there are 580 civil servants at Udayana University, where 22 for structural positions of Head of Division equivalent to Echelon IIIa, 73 people, Head of Subdivision equivalent to echelon IVa, are 73, archivist functional positions are 17, Librarian functional positions are 15 people, There are 47 Educational Laboratory Staff functional positions and 18 Medical and Paramedic positions.

Through this activity, the Vice Rector hopes that the participants who attend will get an overview of functional positions and promotions from speakers from both BKN and the Ministry of Education and Culture's HR Bureau.