PPID Udayana University Participates in the Presentation of the Public Agency for Monitoring the Evaluation of Public Information Openness in 2020

Udayana University participated in the presentation of the Public Agency for Monitoring the Evaluation of Public Information Openness in 2020 organized by the Central Information Commission of the Republic of Indonesia. This presentation took place online through the Zoom Meeting application, Wednesday (7/10). This activity is one of a series of activities by the Central Information Commission as the organizer of the Public Information Openness Award (KIP). The implementation of this activity was preceded by sending a questionnaire and video presentation from Udayana University in September 2020.

In this activity, PPID or PPID supervisors were given the opportunity to explain the innovations and collaborations of public information disclosure that have been carried out by Public Bodies in providing public information services at Udayana University.

In the 2020 Public Body Presentation schedule, 74 tertiary institutions were participated in which divided into four sessions and four fields namely Transparent, Effective, Efficient and Accountable. On this occasion, Udayana University was devoted to the accountability side which was conveyed by the Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information Prof. Ida Bagus Wyasa Putra as the Implementing PPID was accompanied by the Head of the Academic, Cooperation and Public Relations Bureau online from the Rectorate Building, Jimbaran Campus.

In this stage, the Central Information Commission (KI) conducts a deepening of the previously submitted material through questionnaires and Video Presentations. The Head of the Central Information Commission, Gede Narayana, participated in the deepening of the Public Agency Presentation material.