In the framework of the 58th Anniversary of Udayana University, the Udayana University Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM) held a Webinar with the theme "Strengthening Innovation Culture to Increase Competitiveness in the Industrial Revolution Period 4.0" at the Nusa Room, Rectorate Building, 3rd Floor, Bukit Jimbaran Campus . This webinar was opened by the Chancellor of Udayana University Prof. Dr. dr. Anak Agung Raka Sudewi, Sp.S (K) and also attended online by the Chairperson of the Udayana Senate, Deputy Chancellors, Heads of Institutions, Deans, Postgraduate Directors, Head of Bureau, Chair of USDI, Chair of the Library and Chair of the Udayana University Anniversary. 58.

The implementation of this Webinar has several objectives, namely providing an understanding of the importance of developing a culture of innovation, providing new insights on the latest issues that color the development of innovation in Indonesia, providing a basis for thinking to contribute and participate in the progress of the Indonesian economy and strengthening synergies with various elements for accelerated the development of a culture of innovation.

Head of the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) Prof. Udayana University Dr. Ir. I Gede Rai Maya Temaja, MP in his report said that research development in Indonesia continues to increase. Scientific publications as research outputs have been quite good and have moved exponentially from the last few years, until reaching its peak in mid-2019. Likewise, scientific publications at Udayana University continue to increase. Universities can develop and survive in the face of competition in the global era during the 4.0 industrial revolution, which requires an ecosystem that can support them, so that their human resources can further develop their creativity and innovation to become innovative, adaptive and responsive human resources that will ultimately play a role in increasing power. competitiveness.

On this occasion the Rector conveyed the increase in the competitiveness of higher education in terms of research both at the national and international levels which became the concern of academics in each institution. Active and up to date innovation and technology development are imperative in meeting these competitive standards. The Chancellor provides motivation for researchers to use Webinars to share knowledge and build networks amid the adaptation of new lives due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Through this webinar, it is hoped that it will provide benefits for the development plan and achievement of the vision and mission of Udayana University in the future.

This webinar was moderated by Prof. I Nyoman Suparta Winaya, Ph.D., from the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University, and presented three speakers, namely (1) Prof. Dr. Ir. Kadarsah Suryadi, DEA (ITB) with the material title "Entrepreneurial University Supports National Competitiveness", (2) Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng. (UI) with the material title "Intellectual Property Management to Support Innovation Research Collaboration", and (3) drg. Ika Dewi Ana, M.Kes., Ph.D. (UGM) with the material title "UGM P2M Policy for Strengthening Innovation Culture".