DWP Unud Provides Scholarship Aid for Employees' Children

Denpasar - Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) of Udayana University carried out scholarships and basic food assistance to the sons and daughters of employees in the Udayana University environment at the Meeting Room of the Rector's Office Jl. Dr. Goris Denpasar, Saturday (29/8/2020).


Head of DWP Unud Ida Ayu Bulan Antara said that this activity was carried out in a series of commemorating the 58th Anniversary of Udayana University and as a form of DWP's concern to support the education process for the children of Udayana employees. The source of assistance provided came from DWP members and previously selected recipients had been made in each of the DWP Sub Units. Assistance is given only once and then it will be given to different recipients so that it is evenly distributed in each unit.


The chairman of the DWP hopes that the assistance provided can ease the burden on parents, in this case the employees, in financing their children's education. The DWP chairman also advised the employees' sons and daughters to stay enthusiastic about pursuing education which is now taking place online.