Udayana University Released 1,559 Graduates Online

Jimbaran - Udayana University (Unud) holds its 137th Graduation Ceremony online for 1,559 graduates, Saturday (29/8/2020). This online graduation is the second time event held by Udayana University during this pandemic. In this graduation procession, the number of participants allowed to attend in person was bigger than before, namely 15 graduates and their families. The graduates who attended were the best graduates from each Faculty and Postgraduate Program.

In the 137th graduation, the Rector of Udayana University released 1,559 graduates consisting of 203 Diplomas, 936 Bachelor's, 144 Professions, 48 ​​Specialists, 192 Masters and 36 Doctorates, so that the number of Udayana University alumni to date is 98,551 people.

Graduates who participate in the online procession are required to wear a toga for those that have been distributed or wear a full dress for those outside of Bali.

The graduates are given digital copies of diplomas, digital copies of value transcripts and digital copies of alumni cards. This digital copy will be uploaded and can be downloaded through IMISSU account of each graduate. Meanwhile, the original documents will be submitted at a later date through a notification regard to the situation and conditions.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng, in his report said that today's graduates were dominated by 917 female graduates, while 642 male graduates. In terms of academic achievement, the average GPA of female graduates is 3.67, while the average GPA for men is only 3.61. In terms of study period, the average study period for female graduates is 7.14 semesters, while male graduates have a study period of 7.70 semesters.

In this graduation ceremony, there are 556 graduates who received Cum Laude predicate and 256 graduates who received educational scholarships. The Vice Chancellor hopes that through the education that graduates take, they will not only master science but also have an intelligent life with polite karma and be useful for society.

Meanwhile, Udayana University Rector Prof. Dr. dr. A.A Raka Sudewi, Sp.S (K) in her speech gave an appreciation to the graduates because in the middle of the pandemic period they were able to complete their education well, indicating that Udayana University students are capable and resilient in facing all situations in their education.

The Rector said that Udayana University had issued various strategic policies, one of which was related to online learning in order to make Tridharma implementation process and other policies can be continued to ease the burden on affected students.

In terms of infrastructure, the University has built several buildings and other infrastructure to support the learning process. On the other hand, a policy has also been issued in the application of health protocols to protect the entire academic community from exposure to the corona virus, and to provide a sense of security and comfort in studying. The Rector also said that some time ago the Directorate General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture had announced the clustering of Indonesian Universities in 2020 and Udayana University in Cluster Two, ranking 23 out of 34 with a score of 2,349.

The purpose of this clustering is to build a foundation for the Ministry of Education and Culture and universities to make continuous improvements in order to improve organizational performance and health. In this clustering, Udayana University is also included in the top 10 tertiary institutions.The highest score for input indicators consists of the percentage of lecturers with doctoral education, the percentage of lecturers in the Lecturer and Professor positions, the ratio of the number of students to lecturers, the number of foreign students, and the number of lecturers working as practitioners in industry.

In the midst of facing this pandemic period, does not subside the enthusiasm of students to achieve achievements. This is proved by several achievements that have been achieved by students, including the National Mathematics and Natural Sciences Competition (KN MIPA) 2020, the National University Debate Championship, the 2020 Indonesian Student Debate Competition, the Indonesian Robot Contest, passing the national selection as outstanding students. , as well as several other achievements.

As a graduate of Udayana University, the Rector hopes that today's graduates will continue to excel and use the knowledge they have obtained to make innovations that are useful for the welfare of society, nation and state.