The Released of XXI Unud Community Service (KKN) PPM, Thematic KKN applying Online-Combined implementation and attended by 3,857 students, 25 of whom KKN abroad

Jimbaran - Udayana University held the Release of Community Empowerment Learning (KKN PPM) XXI  Period 2020, Thursday (07/09/2020). The release was held in the Nation Room of the Rectorate Building which was attended by Unud Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor, Chairperson of LPPM, Student Representative Participants in KKN, Ungasan Village Sub-district and Jimbaran Village and District Coordinator. The Deans and Vice Deans of the Faculty Academic Field, Field Supervisors (DPL) and other invitees as well as all KKN students participating in online release. KKN participants released by the Chancellor of Udayana University accompanied by the Chairperson of LPPM totaled 3,857 students. From this number there are 25 students who conduct KKN Overseas, in 4 countries namely Germany (1 person), Malaysia (20 people), Timor Leste (4 people), and the rest are scattered in 25 Provinces in Indonesia.

Head of LPPM Unud Prof. I Gede Rai Maya Temaja conveyed that this time the Community Service Program had the theme "Unud Thematic Community Service Program in Tangguh Customary Village Covid 19, Online-Combined Assistance and Empowerment Program". This community-based Community Service Program aims to encourage students to apply various kinds of knowledge that are useful to assist the community through mentoring in strengthening the Desa Tangguh Covid program and will be held from July 11 to  August 23. The Chairperson of the LPPM hopes that Community Service participants truly carry out their community service duties and are able to provide the best in the village, have empathy, care for community problems and are able to empower them, especially in the situation of  Covid outbreak.

Unud Chancellor Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi in her remarks conveyed, Unud for the first time in 2020 implemented Thematic KKN online because of the corona virus pandemic. The implementation is different from the previous KKN, where students do not live in the village, but the KKN activities will be held online-in combination. Online activities are interpreted as student activities with students, students with Field Supervising Lecturers (DPL), and students with village communities conducted online (online). Combined activity is defined as field visits with a limited frequency. In this combination activity, student activity products on campus in the form of co-19 prevention education education tools will be submitted to the village, through the village head or custom village.

Corona virus epidemic is felt by the whole world and this country has changed many things including Tri Dharma of Higher Education activities, one of them is KKN PPM in Unud. The condition of KKN implementation this time is in Force Majeure condition and the choice to carry out Thematic KKN Online is the best choice, so that the implementation is not delayed and students who have programmed themselves for research, proposal examinations, and thesis examinations can graduate on time.

The Chancellor also advised students, although the Community Service Program was carried out online-in combination, so students would build good relationships with community leaders, village heads, and all community components. During the Community Service Program in the covid period, students must obey and implement the Covid-19 protocol. Field Supervisor Lecturers to carry out their duties as well as possible in guiding, directing, giving advice and giving assessments to students of KKN, so that the goals of KKN can be achieved as they should.

The Chief Executive of KKN Prof. I Nyoman Suarsana added that there were some students who conducted KKN abroad due to the pandemic. They are foreign students who are given the opportunity to do community service in their respective areas, one of which is co-mitigation and disciplining the public for the application of health protocols. In addition it also helps problems in other fields in accordance with the provisions that have been given.