Udayana University Organizes UTBK-SBMPTN 2020

Udayana University as one of UTBK Center in Bali held the 2020 UTBK-SBMPTN which was started simultaneously at UTBK Center throughout all Indonesia PTNs, Sunday (5/7/2020).

This year the number of participants participating in SBMPTN UTBK which UTBK location at Udayana University is around 5,000 participants. The implementation of the UTBK use the strict application of Covid-19 prevention protocol. Participants are required to wear masks, wash their hands, follow body temperature screening, wear hand sanitizers and gloves distributed by the committee. The application of distance keeping is also applied for participants who will enter the room. At UTBK, there are 30 computer lab rooms in use, 13 of which are located in Denpasar Campus and 17 rooms in Jimbaran Campus.

Participants who attend UTBK are required to follow all applicable rules and regulations. For the body temperature of participants who are allowed to follow UTBK at the highest 37.5 degrees Celsius. As one of the implementation protocols for preventing Covid from spreading, introductory UTBK participants are not permitted to wait in the campus area where UTBK is implemented to avoid crowd and social interaction. The committee in charge is also equipped with PPE such as face shields, masks and gloves.

Unud Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara as the Head of the UTBK Center of Udayana University reviewed the implementation of the UTBK in  Denpasar Campus area. Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara since the preparation of the first session has reviewed the completeness and application of the recommended health protocol for the implementation of UTBK-SBMPTN 2020.

The implementation of the UTBK was also reviewed by the Vice Chancellor for Planning, Cooperation and Information, Prof. I.B. Wyasa Putra as Chair of the 19th Covid Task Force at Udayana University. The Chair of the Task Force monitors the implementation of prevention protocols applied to UTBK participants.

Director of Udayana University Hospital Prof. Dewa Putu Gde Purwa Samatra also reviewed the implementation of the health protocol with the health team from Udayana University Hospital.

From the results of monitoring in the field there are participants who have also equipped themselves with face shields and participants have followed the procedure of applying the health protocol. It is hoped that the implementation of  UTBK will run smoothly until all sessions ended on Saturday, July 11, 2020.